Exercise 1

1. Listen to the conversation. Ella and Charlie meet in the street. What does Charlie invite Ella to do?

2. Listen again and answer the questions.

1   When is the football match on?

2   Which channel does Ella think the game is on?

3   Why does Ella want to watch the game on a television and not on her laptop?

4   Where does Ella plan to watch the game?

5   Why does Ella want to watch it live?

6   What did Charlie’s parents do last week?

7   What does Charlie ask Ella to do?

8   Where does Ella decide to watch the match in the end.

Answer & Audioscript

1   to watch the Europeans League game at his house

2    1 It’s on Saturday evening.

      2 She thinks it’s on Channel 6.

      3 Because their television has a much bigger screen.

      4 She plans to watch it at home / her house.

      5 Because she hates it when her friends text her to tell her what’s happening and she’s not watching.

      6 They bought a home cinema.

      7 Charlie asks her to watch the programme at his house. / Charlie asks her to stop talking.

      8 She decided to watch it at Charlie’s house.


Charlie:   Hi, Ella.

Ella:   Oh, hi, Charlie.

Charlie:   Great to see you!

Ella:   Yeah, good to see you too.

Charlie:   Ella, are you free on Saturday evening? Would you like to …

Ella:   Sorry, Charlie, I can’t. It’s an important European League game and I’m going to watch it live. I’m a big football fan.

Charlie:   I know! Me too. Look, how about coming …

Ella:   I can’t remember which channel it’s on – is it Channel 6? Anyway, I’m not going to stream it on my laptop – the screen’s much too small for something like that! I’m going to watch it on TV at home because our TV screen’s really big.

Charlie:   Yes, I agree. The thing is, we’ve just got …

Ella:   I’m going to watch it live because I hate it when my friends text me to say what’s happening and I’m not watching it. Most of the time I watch TV on demand, so I can watch when I want – but not sport! I always watch that live.

Charlie:   Ella! Stop talking a minute!

Ella:   Oh, dear … am I talking a lot? Sorry!

Charlie:   The thing is, we’ve got a home cinema – my mum and dad bought it last week. It’s like being at the cinema but at home, and the TV screen is huge and the sound’s great too. Would you like to come round to mine to watch it? Several other friends are coming.

Ella:   Would I like to? I’d love to! That’s fantastic! Why didn’t you say so before?

Charlie:   I tried to!

Exercise 2

1. Listen to Evie talking to her friend Ben about a talent show called Singer Search. Who won last night’s show? (Kris, AJ, Jason)

2. Listen again. Which singer.

1   had a fantastic voice?

2   didn’t choose the best song?

3   looked nervous?

4   did Ben vote for?

5   did Evie vote for?

6   wasn’t a brilliant singer?

7   had fantastic clothes?

8   was the runner-up?

Answer & Audioscript

1   Kris

2   1 Jason   2 Jason   3 AJ   4 AJ   5 Jason   6 Kris   7 Kris   8 AJ


Evie:   Hi Ben. I know it’s Saturday and it’s only nine o’clock. I hope it’s not too early. But I wanted to know – did you watch the final of Singer Search last night?

Ben:   Hi Evie. No, it’s OK. I’m going to help my mum with some shopping this morning. Yes, I did watch it. Wasn’t it amazing!

Evie:   Yeah. I so wanted Jason to win. When he came onto the stage, everyone started clapping and shouting, and then when he started singing – a fantastic voice. Maybe he didn’t choose the best song, but he could really sing. I think he’s got lots of talent.

Ben:   You’re right – but I thought the singer before him …

Evie:   AJ. She was called AJ.

Ben:   I know! AJ. I thought she had a great voice. Her song was much better than his.

Evie:   Yes, you’re right. She was good too and I loved her song, but she didn’t sing as well as Jason and she was a bit nervous.

Ben:   Yes, and I think the other two had more experience on stage. Anyway, it was really hard to choose. When it was time for the TV audience to vote, I got ready and then I wasn’t sure who to vote for – Jason or AJ. In the end, I voted for AJ.

Evie:   You didn’t! I chose Jason.

Ben:   But then I couldn’t believe it when Kris won! Her song wasn’t anything special and she wasn’t a brilliant singer. But I suppose she looked good on state – she had fantastic clothes.

Evie:   You’re right. I was really surprised too. But for me she wasn’t the best.

Ben:   No, I agree. Well at least AJ was the runner-up.

Evie:   And Jason came third. But I don’t think the best singer won.

Ben’s Mum:   Ben … Ben!

Ben:   Oh, sorry Evie. Got to go. Mum’s calling me.

Evie:   OK. Speak later. Bye.

Ben:   Bye.

Exercise 3

1. Listen to an interview with Josie. What are her plans for the future?


2. Listen again and answer the questions.

1   Why is Josie famous?


2   Where did she work in the past?


3   What does her boyfriend do?


4   What did she win in the competition?


5   What is she going to do first?


6   What does she think is the most important thing a good cook needs to do?


Answer & Audioscript

1   She’s going to open a restaurant. She’s going to enjoy her life and have a holiday.

2    1 because she won MasterChef

      2 (in a restaurant) in Manchester

      3 He’s in the music business

      4 £50,000   5 have a holiday

      6 have fun with cooking


Interviewer:   Good evening. I’d like to welcome Joise Sutton, the winner of one of the most popular programmes on TV at the moment, MasterChef. She is here to tell us about her plans for the future.

Josie:   Good evening. I’m very happy to be here.

Interviewer:   So, Josie. What are you going to do now you are famous?

Josie:   Well, I was working in a restaurant in Manchester but now I’m going to open a new restaurant in London.

Interviewer:   What kind of restaurant are you going to have?

Josie:   I’m not sure, but I’d like to have good food and music. My boyfriend is in the music business, so we wanted to do something together.

Interviewer:   That sounds great! Are you going to have live music?

Josie:   Yes, we are. We can have a stage where the performers can sing and tables where people can eat.

Interviewer:   When are you going to do this?

Josie:   Not still next year. I won fifty thousand pounds so I’m going to enjoy my life for a few weeks. I’m going to have a holiday and after that I’m going to start making plans for the restaurant.

Interviewer:   Can you give our audience some advice about cooking? What is the best way to become a good cook?

Josie:   I think there are three important things. First, you should always use fresh vegetables, meat or fish. Second, you should practise making different dishes, and finally, the most important thing is to have fun with cooking. Invite your family and friends to try your new dishes and enjoy eating with them.

Interviewer:   That’s good advice! Thank you for coming on our programme today.

Josie:   Thank you.

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