Exercise 1

A. Listen to Mimi talk about her flat. Put pictures 1—3 in the order Mimi talks about them.

B. Listen again. Are the sentences true or false?

1   Mini’s flat isn’t big.

2   The light in her flat is good.

3   There are three chairs in the living room.

4   There’s a dining room in her flat.

5   She uses her computer in her living room.

Answer & Audioscript


Picture 1   Picture 2   Picture 3


1   T

2   T

3   F (There are two chairs.)

 F (There isn’t a dining room.)

 F (She uses her computer in the kitchen.)


MIMI   I really love my flat – it’s great! But it’s very small and I need to think about how I use the space. One really good thing is the windows. I have really big windows, so lots of light comes into the flat – the place doesn’t feel very small. Everything is in one big room. The living-room area has a TV, a small table and two chairs. There’s also a small kitchen area in one corner. I don’t have a dining room. I have a table where I eat my meals and I do all my work on my computer. It’s next to the kitchen. Then the bedroom has, well, a bed, of course … and a small lamp on a table. So I don’t have a big flat, but I live in the city centre – the city is my home!

Exercise 2

A. Listen and match conversations 1—5 with pictures a—e.

Answer & Audioscript

1 d   2 c   3 a   4 e   5 b



LOU   Hello.

DAN   Hi, it’s Dan. How are you?

 Fine. Look, Dan, I’m busy. I can’t talk now.

D   Are you working? I can hear a lot of people there.

 Well, no, I’m not working. I’m in a café. I’m with some people and they’re talking. I’ll call you later, OK?

D   OK.


LOU   Hi.

DAN   Hi, it’s Dan again. What are you doing?

 I’m at the bus stop. I’m going home.

D   Oh, OK. Look, do you want to go out this evening?

 I don’t know. Look, I can’t talk now. My bus is coming.

D   Oh. I’ll call you later, then.


LOU   Dan … Hi.

DAN   Hi, Lou. Are you at home now?

L   Yes. Look, I can’t talk now.

D   Are you working?

L   No, I’m not working. I’m cooking dinner.

D   Oh, OK. Look, what about this evening?

L   No, sorry, I’m too tired. Let’s talk later, OK?


LOU   Hi, Dan.

DAN   Hi, it’s me again. Can you talk now? Or are you having dinner?

L   No, I’m not having dinner. I’m watching a film.

D   Oh, what are you watching? Is it good?

L   Yes … it’s just a film. I can’t talk now. Maybe later … OK?

D   OK.


LOU   Hello. This is Lou. I’m sorry, I’m not here at the moment. Please leave a message.

DAN   Hi, this is Dan. Um, well I guess you’re sleeping, so … er, I’ll call you tomorrow. Tomorrow morning. OK? Maybe we can go out together. Yeah. Bye.

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Part 1. Answer the questions.

1   How does Sophia feel?

2   What does Megan offer to do?

B. Listen Part 1 again. Answer the questions.

1   What does Megan say about James?

2   Do they know what time the train leaves?

Answer & Audioscript


1 tired   2 pay for the taxi


1   He’s really kind.

2   No, they don’t.


SOPHIA   Oh, this clock!

TAXI DRIVER   Eight pounds fifty, please.

S   Mm … OK … just a minute.

MEGAN   Hey! Let me.

 No, no!

M   Please!

 No! I’ll get it. Could you take the clock, please?

M   Sure!

 Thanks. Thank you very much.

TD   Oh, thank you!

M   It is really heavy! Shall we carry it together?

 OK! Why did I buy it? I’m so glad James can meet us in London.

M   Yeah, James is really kind.

 So, what time’s the train?

M   I don’t know! We need to check.

C. Listen to Part 2. What questions do Megan and Sophia ask the station official?

D. Listen to Part 2 again. Complete the information.

1   Time of next train: ……………

2   Time now: ……………

3   Platform: ……………

Answer & Audioscript


What time’s the next train to London?

What time is it now?

Which platform is it?


1 Time of next train 4:35   2 Time now 4:32   3 Platform 3


SOPHIA   Excuse me.

STATION OFFICIAL   Yes? How can I help?

S   What time’s the next train to London?

SO   The next train is at … 4:35.

S   What time is it now?

SO   What time is it now? What does it say on your clock? 12:30. Well, that’s not right. How much did you pay for that clock? Anyway, it’s 4:32 now.

MEGAN   The train leaves in three minutes! Quick! Let’s go!

 Sorry, which platform is it?

SO   It’s Platform 3. It’s across the bridge and down the stairs.

M   Thanks!

SO   Would you like some help with the clock? I can carry it if you like.

 No thanks, we’re fine.

Exercise 4

A. Put the conversation in the correct order. Then listen and check.


……   So, at 5:15. And is it a direct bus?

……   Great! Thanks for your help.

……   What time’s the next bus to Cambridge?

..1..   Excuse me.

……   OK, and which bus stop is it?


……   The next bus leaves in 20 minutes.

……   It’s stop 7, near the ticket office.

……   No problem.

……   Yes? How can I help?

……   No, you change at Birmingham.

Answer & Audioscript


5, 9, 3, 1, 7


4, 8, 10, 2, 6


 Excuse me.

 Yes? How can I help?

 What time’s the next bus to Cambridge?

 The next bus leaves in 20 minutes.

 So, at 5:15. And is that a direct bus?

 No, you change at Birmingham.

 OK, and which bus stop is it?

 It’s stop 7, near the ticket office.

 Great! Thanks for your help.

 No problem.

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