Exercise 1

A. Listen to Paola (P), Yaz (Y) and Nikita (N) talk about their holiday plans this summer. Match them with pictures a—c.

B. Listen again. Are the sentences true or false?

1   Paola often goes to a cooking school for her holiday.

2   The trip to Norway is a different kind of holiday for Yaz.

3   Nikita doesn’t want to make money on the farm.

Answer & Audioscript


P picture c   Y picture a   N picture b


1 F (This is Paola’s first cooking course.)   2 T   3 T


PAOLA   This summer, I’m not going to have a normal holiday. I’m going to do something different. I read about a cooking school in the mountains. I’m going to learn how to cook really well. It’s a two-week course. I think it’s going to be fun!

YAZ   Every summer my family normally gets a house near the beach and we spend the holiday there. But we aren’t going to do that this year. For a change, we’re going to go on a trip to Norway. There’s a boat that goes along the coast of Norway. They say it’s a very beautiful trip.

NIKITA   Most summers I go to another country – last year I went to Munich in Germany. This summer, I’m not going to travel abroad. I’m going to stay in this country. I’m going to stay on a farm and I’m going to work there. They aren’t going to pay me, but it’s not important for me. I want to do something different and be outside all day.

Exercise 2

A. Listen and complete the conversations.


A   After class, I’……… not ……… to do my homework.

B   Why not?

A   I’m tired. I’m going to do it tomorrow.


C   After class, I’……… not ……… to go home.

D   Why not?

C   I’m going ……… meet friends in a café.

B. Put the words in the correct order to make questions. Listen and check.

 what / you / this weekend / do / going to / are ?

 go out / you / are / going to ?

 what / going to / film / see / are / you ?

 you / are / buy / going to / what ?

 go / going to / where / you / are ?

C. Complete the conversation with the words in the box. Listen and check.

sorry  –  thank  –  love  –  like  –  OK  –  free  –  busy

A   Would you (1)……….. to come to the cinema?

B   Yes. I’d (2)……….. to come. (3)……….. you.

A   Are you (4)……….. on Saturday?

B   No, (5)……….., I’m (6)……….. on Saturday. But Sunday’s (7)……….. .

A   OK, we can go on Sunday.

Answer & Audioscript



A   After class, I’m not going to do my homework.

B   Why not?

A   I’m tired. I’m going to do it tomorrow.


C   After class, I’m not going to go home.

D   Why not?

C   I’m going to meet friends in a café.


 What are you going to do this weekend?

 Are you going to go out?

 What film are you going to see?

 What are you going to buy?

 Where are you going to go?


1 like   2 love   3 Thank   4 free   5 sorry   6 busy   7 OK

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Lee and Marcus talk to a friend about their weekend plans. Write their names on the line.

NO PLAN <=================> CLEAR PLAN

B. Listen again. Tick (✓) the things you know after listening to the conversations.

 the name of the film Lee’s going to see

 Lee’s plans for Sunday

 Marcus’s shopping plans

 the name of the restaurant Marcus’s going to go to

 Marcus’s plans for Sunday

Answer & Audioscript


                Lee                         Marcus

no plan <=================> clear plan


3   Marcus’s shopping plans

4   the name of the restaurant Marcus is going to go to

5   Marcus’s plans for Sunday



JESSICA   What are you going to do this weekend, Lee?

LEE   Oh, I don’t know. Nothing much.

J   Are you going to go out?

L   I’m going to see a film.

J   What film are you going to see?

L   I don’t know yet. I don’t know what’s on.

J   What about Sunday?

L   Well, I’m going to go out somewhere … maybe. See what the weather’s like.


JESSICA   So what are you going to do this weekend, Marcus?

MARCUS   Well, on Saturday I’m going to get up early and I’m going to go for a run. Then I’m going to go shopping.

 What are you going to buy?

M   Well, I want to buy a new jacket and some shoes. And in the evening I’m going to meet some friends for a meal.

 Where are you going to go?

M   There’s a new restaurant called Sandy’s. We’re going to go there. And on Sunday, I’m going to play tennis.

Exercise 4

A. Listen to Part 1. Why does James call Sophia?

B. Listen to Part 1 again. Underline the correct answer.

1   Sophia’s plates are new / old.

2   Sophia wants to help James / thank James.

3   James is / isn’t happy about the invitation.

Answer & Audioscript


James wants to invite Sophia to his flat for dinner.


1 new   2 thank James   3 is


SOPHIA   Hi, James!

JAMES   Hello, Sophia!

S   How are you?

 I’m fine. How about you?

S   Yes, really good. I bought some more things for my flat today and I’m just putting them away.

 Oh, great. Oh, so, mm, I wanted to ask you … Would you like to come for dinner? You know, at my flat.

 Well, that’s really kind of you, James. I’d love to, but …

 Oh, good.

 No, I’d love to, but I just think … you’ve helped me so much. You know, you met us at the station, the clock …

J   Oh, that was nothing.

S   No, but I’d like to say thank you. So, would you like to come for dinner at my flat?

J   Oh, well, yes. I’d love to come. Thank you.

S   Are you free on Friday?

 Oh, no. Sorry, I’m busy then, a work thing, but Saturday’s OK.

S   Great! Come on Saturday.


S   See you then.

 See you then.

S   Bye.


C. Listen to Part 2. Answer the questions.

1   Where is James going?

2   Why did he buy flowers?

D. Listen to Part 2 again. What is Sophia’s news? Tick (✓) the correct answer.

1   She’s going to leave her job.

2   She’s going to go back to Canada.

3   She’s going to stay in London.

Answer & Audioscript


 He’s going to Sophia’s flat for dinner.

 He bought the flowers for Sophia.


3   She’s going to stay in London.


SOPHIA   Hi. Is that you, James?

JAMES   Yes, it is.

S   OK. Come on in!

J   These are for you.

S   Oh … thank you. They’re beautiful.

J   Oh, Megan – you’re here too. Hi.

MEGAN Hi, James. You look smart!

J   Er, yes. Thank you.

S   Good – now you’re both here.

J   Yes, we’re both here.

S   Well, I just … I wanted to say thank you – to both of you. It was my first month in a new city and you really helped me a lot. And … well … I’m really feeling at home here now.

M   Great.

 I wasn’t sure about staying in London.


 No. But now I feel like I have new friends – here, so … So last week

 decided. I’m going to stay.

M   Oh, that’s wonderful news.

 Yeah, great!

M   Oh, that’s so nice.

 Yes, yes it is. Now let’s have dinner.

 Great …

 OK, sit down, both of you, and I’ll bring the food.

M   Lovely!

 Thank you, Sophia.

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