Exercise 1

A. Listen to Alessandro. He says more things about his trip. What does he say about …?

•   emails

•   money

•   bikes

•   photos

Answer & Audioscript

emails: He didn’t read his emails for three weeks.

money: They didn’t have a lot of money.

bikes: They had bikes.

photos: He took some beautiful photos.


MICHAELA   So how was your trip to Colombia?

ALESSANDRO   Oh it was great. It was very relaxing – I didn’t read my emails for three weeks!

M   Where were you? In Bogotá?

A   No, no, we didn’t go to big cities at all. We wanted to see the country, so we went by bus and we stayed in small towns and villages. The best place we stayed was with a family.

 In their house?

A   Well, we didn’t stay in their house. We camped in their garden. They had a swimming pool. They also had bikes, so we saw lots of nice places nearby. I took some beautiful photos!

M   I’d love to see them.

A   Of course.

M   Was it cheap to camp?

A   Yes … $4 a night!

M   $4! That’s really cheap.

A   Yeah, it was good, because we didn’t have a lot of money!

Exercise 2

A. Listen to Kiril and Angie talk about summer holidays. Tick (✓) the correct sentence.

1   They’re on holiday now.

2   They talk about past and future holidays.

3   They only talk about past holidays.

B. Listen again Match 1—3 with a—c.

 Kiril last year

 Angie last year

 Angie two years ago


 the south of France


Answer & Audioscript


2   They talk about past and future holidays.


1 c   2 a   3 b


KIRIL   Where did you go on your summer holiday last year, Angie?

A   I went to an island in Greece.

 Great! How was the weather?

A   It was hot and sunny. What about you, Kiril?

 I stayed here in Moscow. It rained a lot of the time. I want to go somewhere different this year.

A   Well, try Greece. It isn’t expensive to fly there.

 Hmm … but, well, I don’t like flying.

A   Oh, I see. Well, what about the south of France? I went there two years ago. It was beautiful.

 Oh, really? How did you get there?

A   By train. And, you know, the weather was really warm.

 Did you enjoy it there?

A   Yes, I did. I had a great time. Try to go this year!

Exercise 3

A. Look at pictures a and b and talk about the questions. Listen to Part 1 and check your answers.

 Do you think Sophia and Megan like Henley?

 What do they see in the shop?

B. Listen to Part 1 again. Are the sentences true or false?

 They decide to go to the museum before lunch.

 Megan decides to go in the shop.

 The clock is difficult to carry.

Answer & Audioscript


1 Yes, they do.   2 a clock


1 T   2 F (Sophia decides to go in the shop.)   3 T


SOPHIA   It’s beautiful here.

MEGAN   I’m so happy you like it.

S   Very different from Toronto. So, what’s the plan for today?

M   Well, first we can go to the museum.

S   OK.

M   And then maybe some lunch?

S   Lovely!


 Well, I’m full. So much food!

M   I know!

 Oh wow! I love that clock!

M   Oh yes – it’s really nice.

 Let’s have a look.

M   OK.


 Are you OK?

S   I think so.

 Is it very heavy?

S   Yeah, it’s really heavy. Can you take it for a minute?

 Of course!

S   Thanks! … OK.

 That’s OK.

S   Thank you.

C. Look at picture c and answer the questions. Listen to Part 2 and check your answers.

 Who does Megan call?

 What does she want?

D. Listen to Part 2 again. Underline the correct answer.

1   Sophia and Megan take the train / drive home.

2   Megan says the problem is the clock / weather.

3   James can / can’t meet Megan and Sophia at the station.

Answer & Audioscript


1 James   2 She wants help.


1 take the train   2 clock   3 can


MEGAN   Why don’t you … put it down?

JAMES   Megan, hi! How are you?

M   Hi James. I’m OK, thanks.

 Did you go to Henley?

M   Yeah, and we’re still here!

 Oh, right …

M   James, can you do something for me?

 Well … yes … maybe.

M   Could you pick us up from the station later, please? In London.

 Mm … OK. From where? Paddington?

M   Yes.

 OK. Is there a problem? Can’t you take the Underground?

M   No, it’s just we’ve got this clock.


M   Yes, it’s very heavy. So … could you meet us at the station, please?

 Why did you buy a clock?

M   I didn’t. Sophia bought it.


M   Yes, Sophia bought a very big clock.

 Oh, right, I see!

M   So, can you help us, please?

 Sure, no problem.

M   Oh, thanks, James, that’s really kind of you.

 No problem.

M   Bye.

 Bye. See you later.

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