Exercise 1

A. Listen to Cara, Antonio and Ava talking to friends. Write the correct name in each conversation.

Conversation 1 ……………………….

Conversation 2 ……………………….

Conversation 3 ……………………….

B. Match events 1—3 with adjectives a—c. Listen again and check.

 the meeting

 the concert

 the game




Answer & Audioscript


1 Cara   2 Antonio   3 Ava


1 b   2 c   3 a



LARRY   Were you at work yesterday?

CARA   Yes, I was, but I wasn’t here in the office.

 Where were you?

 I was at a meeting in Dublin.

 Oh, was it interesting?

 Yes, it was really interesting.


DENIZ   Were you at the game last Saturday?

ANTONIO   No, I wasn’t – not the game here in Manchester.

D   Oh, really? Were you away?

 Yes, I was away with the team in Bristol.

D   How was the game there?

 It was good – really exciting.


VICTOR   Were you at home at the weekend?

AVA   No, I wasn’t. I was away.

 Oh, where were you?

 I was in Milan with my band – there was a concert.

 Great! Was it fun?

 Yes, it was. And Milan is a beautiful city.

Exercise 2

A. Listen and complete the conversation.

A   You ………… at work yesterday.

B   No, it ………… a holiday for me.

A   Nice. ………… you at home all day?

B   No, I ………… . I ………… in town in the morning and then I ………… at a party last night.

A   ………… the party good?

B   Yes, it ………… a lot of fun.

B. Listen and complete the sentences.

JAMES   I (1) w______ home with Sue Black.

SUE   We (2) w______ for a walk.

JANE   I (3) r______ a book in the garden. At home I (4) w______ TV.

LORD GREY   We (5) h______ coffee together. We (6) t______ about business.

Answer & Audioscript


 You weren’t at work yesterday.

 No, it was a holiday for me.

 Nice. Were you at home all day?

 No, I wasn’t. I was in town in the morning and then I was at a party last night.

 Was the party good?

B   Yes, it was a lot of fun.


JAMES   I went home with Sue Black.

SUE   We went for a walk.

JANE   I read a book in the garden. At home I watched TV.

LORD GREY   We had coffee together. We talked about business.

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Jane White talk about what she did before she went to Lord and Lady Grey’s house for lunch. Put pictures a—e in the correct order.

B. Complete what Jane White says. Then listen again and check.

‘I (1)………….. at about 9:00. After that I (2)………….. . Then I went into town and I (3)………….. . After that I (4)………….. near Lord and Lady Grey’s house. A few of my friends were there. I talked to my friends and we (5)………….. together.’

Answer & Audioscript


1 e   2 d   3 c   4 a   5 b


1 had breakfast   2 read the newspaper   3 went shopping

4 went to a café   5 had a drink

Exercise 4

A. Listen to Part 1. Choose the correct answer.

1   Sophia asks David about:

      a   London and work

      b   his home town and family

2   Sophia and Megan talk about:

      a   shopping

      b   a party

B. Listen to Part 1 again. Tick (✓) the correct sentence.

1    a   Sophia helped Megan on Saturday.

      b   Sophia doesn’t like shopping.

      c   Sophia and Megan both enjoyed shopping.

2    a   Sophia wants to go shopping again.

      b   Megan wants to go shopping this afternoon.

      c   Sophia wants to go to a café and then go shopping.

Answer & Audioscript


1 b   2 a


1 c   2 a


DAVID   Hi, Sophia. How was your weekend?

SOPHIA   Yeah, it was nice. Yours?

D   Well, you know, busy with friends. So, how do you like it here in England?

S   Oh, I love it. Well, I like London, but that’s not England! Where are you from, David?

D   I’m from Bristol. It’s in the west of England.

S   Oh, right. Do you miss your family?

D   Oh, you know, my parents, but I love living in London. Well … I … um …

S   Oh, of course. See you later.

MEGAN Good morning, Sophia.

 Oh, hi Megan!

M   How are you?

 Yeah, OK, thanks. Thank you for Saturday. You really helped a lot.

M   Oh, that’s all right. I love shopping.

 It was fun.

M   Yes, it was. We could go shopping again some time.

 Yes, OK. Good idea.

M   Steph, did you get my email? … I sent it last night.

C. Listen to Part 2. Who went to a party? Who watched TV?

D. Listen to Part 2 again and answer the questions.

 What was the problem with the party?

 What’s difficult for Sophia?

 What’s Megan’s idea for next weekend?

 Does Sophia feel happy or sad at the end of the conversation? Why?

Answer & Audioscript


Megan went to a party.

Sophia watched TV.


1   The food wasn’t very nice.

2   It’s difficult for Sophia to meet people.

3   To go to Henley.

4   She feels happy because she’d like to see some different places.


MEGAN   Thank you.

SOPHIA   So, how was your Sunday?

M   It was OK. I was at a party in the evening.

S   Was it good?

M   Yeah … but the food wasn’t very nice.

S   Oh dear.

M   I was tired. I went home early. What about you?

S   Me?

M   How was your Sunday?

S   Oh, it was OK. I went for a walk in the afternoon. And then I stayed at home and watched TV. London’s really big. It’s difficult to meet people.

M   Well, you know me!

S   Yes, that’s true.

M   I find London difficult too, sometimes. I know – let’s go somewhere this weekend. So you can see a different town. We could go to Henley.

 Henley? Where’s that?

M   Oh, it’s a small town, it’s not far from London. I went to school there.


M   Yes, it’s a beautiful place. Look.

 Oh, yes, it looks nice.

M   So, shall we go there for the day next Saturday?

 OK, that’s a lovely idea. I’d like to see some different places. Let’s go to Henley!

Exercise 5

A. Listen to the conversation. Underline the word you hear. Are both options possible?

1   MEGAN   We can / could go shopping again some time.

      SOPHIA   Yes, OK. Good / Great idea.

2    MEGAN   So, shall we / let’s go there for the day next Saturday?

      SOPHIA   OK, that’s a nice / lovely idea.

B. Complete the conversation with the words in the box. Listen and check.

we  –  idea  –  go  –  sorry

A   Let’s ………… for dinner on Saturday.

B   Saturday? I’m …………, I can’t. I’m away on Saturday.

A   Shall ………… go on Sunday?

B   Yes, that’s a lovely ………… .

Answer & Audioscript


1   could, Good

2   shall we, lovely

Both options are possible in all four cases, but we would use a full stop or an exclamation mark after let’s…, not a question mark.


1 go   2 sorry   3 we   4 idea

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