1. Underline the correct words to complete the conversation.

A   We’ll need (1) much / a lot of / any flour, sugar and, of course, carrots to make this cake. And also (2) a little / many / a few orange juice.

B   Well, there’s (3) any / no / many flour in the cupboard, so I’ll have to go and buy some.

A   Good idea. So, what else do we need? Er, butter … how (4) many / few / much butter have we got in the fridge?

 Er, we haven’t got (5) many / much / some butter. Just one packet – 250 grams.

 OK, that’s fine. And what about eggs – how (6) many / much / any eggs are there?

 There aren’t (7) much / many / any eggs – only four.

 Oh, dear. And have we got (8) much / a little / any carrots?

 Yes, I think we’ve got (9) a few / much / few carrots, maybe three or four. Let me just check … oh, actually, there aren’t (10) any / many / much carrots. I think I ate the last one yesterday. Sorry!

A   Never mind. OK, so can you also get me (11) any / some / a little carrots from the supermarket, please?

B   OK, so you’d better give me a shopping list …


2 a little   3 no   4 much   5 much   6 many   7 many

8 any   9 a few   10 any   11 some

2. Underline the correct words to complete the sentences.

 I couldn’t have a shower this morning because the water wasn’t enough warm / warm enough.

2   There’s too much / too many sugar in my coffee now – it’s disgusting!

3   I’m sorry, I haven’t got enough milk / milk enough to make coffee for everyone.

4   You’re driving too much / too slowly – we won’t get to the airport on time!

5   You aren’t speaking enough clearly / clearly enough. I can’t understand you.

6   There are too many / too much cars in London these days. The traffic’s always terrible!

 You’re walking too much quickly / too quickly for me. I can’t walk as fast as you.

8   My fl at isn’t enough big / big enough to have a birthday party for all my friends.


2 too much   3 enough milk   4 too   5 clearly enough

6 too many   7 too quickly   8 big enough

3. Choose the best quantifier to complete each sentence.

1   Hurry up! We haven’t got ………… time!

      a some     b no     c much     d many

2   Just ………… chips, please. I’m not very hungry.

      a a few     b any     c a bit of     d much

3   Can I have ………… milk in my coffee, please? Not much.

      a a few     b no     c a lot of     d a bit of

4   You don’t need to take ………… money with you. I’ll pay for everything.

      a any   b no   c a few   d many

5   When I moved here I had ………… friends. But now I’ve got lots.

      a a bit of     b much     c no     d any

6   I bought ………… books last week, but I haven’t read them yet.

      a any     b no     c much     d some


1 c   2 a   3 d   4 a   5 c   6 d

4. Tick ✓ the sentences which are correct. Then correct the mistakes you found in the sentences.

1   There aren’t much people here in the winter.

2   We saw a lot of hitchhikers on the motorway.

3   Are there many empty seats in the cinema?

4   A bit of the vegetables were not enough soft.

5   I’d like a bit of bread with my soup.

6   I love too hot weather.

7   I don’t earn enough money.

8   Was the test too much difficult?


Correct: 2, 3, 5, 7

1 There aren’t many    4 A few of

6 I love hot / very hot   8 too difficult

5. Write a sentence about each picture using the words in brackets and too / not enough.

1   (people / on the beach)

2   (soup / hot)

3   (she / tall / to reach the top shelf)

4   (waiter / spoke / quickly)

5   (service / here / slow)

6   (Sorry, I / have / money)


1   There were too many people on the beach.

2   The soup was too hot.

3   She wasn’t tall enough to reach the top shelf.

4   The waiter spoke too quickly.

5   The service here is too slow.

6   Sorry, I don’t have enough money.

6. Choose the correct options to complete the complaints.

1   The water was too much / too cold.

2   There were too much / too many children running around.

3   The room wasn’t warm enough / enough warm.

4   There was too / too much noise, so we couldn’t hear everything.

5   There weren’t enough seats / seats enough for everyone.

6   We didn’t stop for long enough / enough long in each place.


1 too   2 too many   3 warm enough   4 too much

5 enough seats   6 long enough

7. Choose the correct answers.

1   I can’t work here. There’s too much / many noise.

2   It’s not warm enough / enough warm to sit outside.

3   We had a few / a bit of time before our flight to look round the duty free.

4   It was a great concert – there were too many / a lot of fans in the crowd.

5   We don’t have money enough / enough money to buy it.

6   They don’t have many / much kinds of bread in this shop.


1 much   2 warm enough   3 a bit of   4 a lot of

5 enough money   6 many

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