1. Read the sentences. Which of the expressions in bold are about …?

–    continuing to do something

–    wearing something

1   He was really tired, but he carried on jogging.

2   Louise really needs to get on with her essay tonight.

3   It was sunny, so he put on his sunglasses.

4   I don’t know if I can go on living in this flat.

5   I tried on the trousers, but they weren’t very comfortable.

6   I asked him to be quiet, but he kept on talking.

7   It was cold inside, so he kept his coat on.


continuing: 1, 2, 4, 6

wearing: 3, 5, 7

2. Read the definitions of the ‘continuing’ expressions. Complete the sentences with the best verbs.

go on, carry on – continue to do

keep on – continue to do, often something annoying

get on with – continue work or activities you need to do

 My phone …………… on switching off. It’s really annoying.

 I’m going home now. I have to …………… on with my revision.

 My father …………… / …………… / …………… on working until he was 80.


1 keeps on   2 get   3 went, carried, kept

3. Match the ‘wearing’ expressions (1-3) with the meanings (a-c).

1   try on clothes

2   put on clothes

3   keep clothes on

a   you do this in the morning or when you feel cold

b   this is when you continue to wear clothes longer than normal

c   you normally do this in a clothes shop


1 c   2 a   3 b

4. Match the sentence halves.

 I always try on

 I want to carry on

 I have to get on with

 I normally keep my shoes on

 in winter, I usually put on

 studying English next year.

 when I go to someone’s house.

 clothes before I buy them.

 a hat and scarf when I go out.

 some really important work tomorrow.


1 c   2 a   3 e   4 b   5 d

5. Underline the correct words to complete the sentences.

1   He got / tried / kept on the shoes, but they were too big.

2   I can’t go / put / get on working so much – I’m exhausted!

3   It was quite dark in the restaurant, so I had to get / carry / put on my glasses to read the menu.

4   I’m not sleeping well because my neighbour’s dog puts / keeps / tries on barking all night long.

5   It was a really cold day, so she decided to put / try / carry on her scarf and gloves.

6   Although it started raining, we decided to put / try / carry on playing tennis for another 20 minutes.

7   He went back to his bedroom and tried / got / put on with his homework.

8   Although they were dirty, I kept / put / went my shoes on when I went into his house.


2 go   3 put   4 keeps   5 put   6 carry   7 got   8 kept

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