1. Look at the sentences. Which is about …?

…… children who are almost the same age

…… children who are different ages

 Children who are more than three years apart in age play together less.

 Children who are of a similar age fight less.


1: children who are different ages

2: children who are almost the same age

2. Match the expressions (1-4) with the definitions (a-d).

1   At your age, I was studying a lot – not going out all the time.

2   I learnt to swim at an early age. I was only about three years old.

3   She’s about my age, I think, because we were at university at the same time.

4   It isn’t always easy to learn new things in old age.

a   a similar age to me

b   younger than expected, during childhood

c   when someone is over 70

d   the age you are now


1 d   2 b   3 a   4 c

3. Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

about my age     apart in age     at an early age

at your age     early twenties     middle-aged

of a similar age     old age

 John looks much older than Martin, but surprisingly they’re …………… .

 Mozart started to write music …………… – he was only five years old.

 ……………, I never used a computer for homework. I wrote everything by hand.

 I had a lot of fun when I was 21 – it’s great to be in your …………… .

 My brother and I are only two years ……………, so we played together all the time when we were little.

 My grandparents are still really active – I think that’s important in …………… .

 The person I spoke to was ……………, maybe a year younger or older than me.

 Don’t say to her that she’s …………… – she thinks 45 is still very young.


1 of a similar age   2 at an early age   3 At your age

4 early twenties   5 apart in age   6 old age   7 about my age

8 middle-aged

4. Underline the correct words to complete the sentences.

 My father’s 48 this year, so he’s definitely of middle age / middle aged / in the middle of age.

 At your age / In your age / On your age, I was working 12 hours a day in a factory.

 It’s really important for young people to save money for their older age / old age / third age.

 They’re sisters who are only 18 months different of age / apart in age / age difference.

 I learned to read at an early age / of early age / at young age – I could read when I was only three.

 He’s near my age / old like me / about my age – we both went to university at the same time.


2 At your age   3 old age   4 apart in age   5 at an early age

6 about my age

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