Exercise 1   

These people are describing items they left in a taxi. Listen and check the correct picture.

Answer & Transcript


A:        Hello. City Taxi.

B:        Yes, I left a briefcase in a taxi coming back from the airport.

A:        Can you describe it?

B:        Yes, it’s black leather, with the initials PWD on it.


A:        Hello. City Taxi.

B:        Hello, has anyone turned in a lady’s handbag? I left one in a taxi about an hour ago.

A:        Can you describe it?

B:        Yes, it’s a small blue and white striped bag with a long red strap.


A:        Hello.

B:        Is this City Taxi?

A:        Yes, it is.

B:        I’m calling about a wallet. I think I left it in a taxi this morning. It’s a black wallet. It had all my credit cards in it.

A:        Oh, dear.


A:        Hello. City Taxi.

B:        Hello. I left a pair of glasses in a taxi this morning.

A:        Sunglasses? Black frames with initials on them?

B:        No. No, they’re regular glasses. They were in a brown leather case. I can’t see a thing without them.

A:        Sorry. They’re not here.

Exercise 2

Task 1

People are describing these items. Listen and number the pictures.

Task 2

Listen again. Why does each person like the item? Circle the correct information.

1.  a.  She wears it every day.

     b.  The sun hurts her eyes.

     c.  It’s good for windy days.

2.  a.  It’s made of plastic.

     b.  It’s small.

     c.  It’s great for work.

3.  a.  It’s small.

     b.  It’s big.

     c.  She uses it while she runs.

4.  a.  It’s cheap.

     b.  It’s not easily seen.

     c.  She likes the colors.

5.  a.  It doesn’t have wheels.

     b.  It’s good for traveling.

     c.  It’s very big.

6.  a.  They’re comfortable.

     b.  They’re new.

     c.  He likes the color.

Answer & Transcript


I wear it instead of sunglasses because sunglasses make me look so stupid. I always wear it when it’s sunny outside. If I don’t wear it, the sun hurts my eyes. It’s not too good on windy days, though.


It’s excellent for work because it’s pretty big and I can get all my business papers in it. It’s not one of those cheap-looking plastic ones. It’s made of real leather.


I use it to put my things in when I play sports. It’s pretty big, so I can get all my clothes and my running shoes into it.


It’s an expensive one, but I use it a lot because it’s very wet here in the fall. I love the colors, too. People can easily find me in a crowd when I’m using it.


It’s great when you’re on a trip somewhere, especially when you’re taking a flight, because you can take it on board the aircraft. It’s not so big, so you can put it in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you. It’s also got wheels and a handle that you can pull out.


They’re very comfortable for jogging or walking. That’s good because I jog and walk a lot. But they’re really old. I’ve had them for about three years. I hate the color. But I’ll use them until I can afford a new pair.

Exercise 3

Task 1

People are talking about items they lost. Listen and check the item each person describes.

Lost Items

1.   wallet


      beach bag

2.   shoes



3.   keys


      pocket knife

4.   suitcase

      credit card


5.   passport



6.   novel



Task 2

Listen again. Where was each item lost? Circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  the bus

     b.  the car

2.  a.  the bus

     b.  the coffee shop

3.  a.  the school

     b.  the house

4.  a.  the department store

     b.  the restaurant

5.  a.  at home

     b.  at the office

6.  a.  the subway

     b.  at home

Answer & Transcript


It’s a brown leather one. I keep all my money and my credit cards in it. I usually keep it in my back pocket. It probably fell out when I was getting off the bus. I hope I get it back because it also has my ID card in it, and that’s very important.


I’m always losing them or putting them down and forgetting where I put them. I think I was wearing them when I was on the bus. Then I stopped for a cup of coffee at a coffee shop. I think I took them off then because I don’t need them when I read, and I was reading a magazine. Yes, maybe that’s where they are.


I’m sure I had them when I left school because I remember putting them in my purse. I’m sure I had them when I came home or I couldn’t have driven the car or opened the front door. So that means they’re somewhere inside the house.


I’m sure I used it to pay the bill at the restaurant when I had lunch there. After that I went to the department store, and I think I used it when I bought my jacket. I’m sure that’s the last time I used it, so it’s probably there.


I usually keep it at home in a drawer in my desk because I only use it when I travel abroad. But it’s not there, so I wonder where I put it. Oh, maybe I left it at the office when I came back from my trip to France. I think that’s where it is, because I went straight from the airport to my office.


I thought it was in my briefcase. I usually put it there when I get one from the newsstand and then read it when I get home. Now I remember! I was on the subway! I took it out to read the sports section. I’m sure I left it there.

Exercise 4

People are describing items they lost. What is each person talking about? Listen and circle the correct answers.

1. a.   a suitcase

    b.   a briefcase

    c.   a wallet

2. a.   a scarf

    b.   a shirt

    c.   a jacket

3. a.   a briefcase

    b.   a sunglasses

    c.   a hat

4. a.   a backpack

    b.   a wallet

    c.   a suitcase

5. a.   a backpack

    b.   a briefcase

    c.   a suitcase

Answer & Transcript

1 c   2 a   3 b   4 a   5 b


1.   It’s a small leather one – red leather. There’s about $75.00 in cash in it and all of my credit cards. And my driver’s license, too. I hope you can find it.

2.   It’s one of those long, narrow ones. It has black and yellow stripes and it’s made of wool. I really need it to keep my neck warm on cold days like this.

3.   Have you seen them? They have black frames and dark lenses. They’re probably in a yellow leather case.

4.   It’s a great big one, made of tan leather. I had all my schoolbooks in it, textbooks and notebooks and everything. And in the outside pocket was my money and all my keys.

5.   All my business reports are in it. It’s black leather with gold latches. My initials are on it and it has a lock. Please call me as soon as somebody turns it in.

Exercise 5

Mary has lost a lot of things recently. Where did she lose each item? Listen and write the correct letter.

1.   her passport       ……

2.   a book                 ……

3.   her pen                ……

4.   a newspaper      ……

5.   her gold ring      ……

a.   at the restaurant

b.   in the hotel bathroom

c.   at the coffee shop

d.   on the subway

e.   at the airport

Answer & Transcript

1 e   2 c   3 a   4 d   5 b



A:   What’s the matter?

B:   It’s my passport. I can’t find it anywhere!

A:   When was the last time you used it?

B:   Well, I got it out at the airport… Oh no, I felt it at the airport!


A:   Have you seen the book I was reading? I have to return it to the library tomorrow.

B:   Look on your desk.

A:   It’s not there. I was reading it at the coffee shop and… Uh-oh. I put it on the seat beside me. I bet that’s where it is.


A:   I can’t find my pen.

B:   Where did you use it last?

A:   I used it to sign the bill at the restaurant …

B:   So you probably left it there. Call them up and see if they still have it.


A:   Have you seen the newspaper I bought this morning? I really wanted to read it.

B:   Did you leave it at work?

A:   No, I remember putting it in my bag and bringing it with me on the subway… Oh, no, I can’t believe I left it on the subway!


A:   What are you looking for?

B:   My gold ring. My grandmother gave it to my mother, and she gave it to me. It’s over 50 years old and impossible to replace.

A:   When did you wear it last?

B:   I wore it to a wedding last weekend.

A:   Did you take it off there?

B:   No… Oh, wait a minute. I went to the hotel bathroom to fix my hair and I took it off to wash my hands. That’s where it is!

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