Exercise 1   

Which statement about each telephone call is true? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  Joe is busy.

     b.  It’s a wrong number.

2.  a.  Sandy is not free.

     b.  Sandy is not in.

3.  a.  It’s a wrong number.

     b.  Brian is not home.

4.  a.  It’s a wrong number.

     b.  Sylvia is out.

5.  a.  Mrs. Brown can’t come to the phone.

     b.  Mrs. Brown is home.

6.  a.  Tony can’t come to the phone.

     b.  Tony is in.

Answer & Transcript


A:        Hello.

B:        Hello, Joe?

A:        No.

B:        Is this 793-5141?

A:        No, it isn’t. I think you have the wrong number.

B:        Oh, sorry.


A:        Hello.

B:        Hello. Can I speak to Sandy, please?

A:        She’s busy right now. Can you call back?

B:        Oh, sure.


A:        Hello.

B:        Hello. Can I speak to Brian?

A:        Sorry. Who?

B:        Brian.

A:        What number did you want?

B:        321-9645.

A:        This is 321-6949.

B:        Oh, sorry.


A:        Hello.

B:        Hello. Is Sylvia there?

A:        Sorry. She’s not in right now.

B:        Oh, well, this is Rod. Can I leave a message?

A:        Okay.


A:        Hello.

B:        Hello. Is Mrs. Brown there, please?

A:        Yes, may I ask who’s calling?

B:        Yes, this is Donna Simpson.

A:        Just a moment, please.


A:        Hello.

B:        Hello. Can I speak to Tony, please?

A:        Sure. Hold on and I’ll get him.

Exercise 2

Task 1

Read these telephone messages. Then listen and correct the mistakes in each message.

Task 2

Listen again. Circle the correct answer for each question.

1.  a.  Anne is in, but she can’t come to the phone.

     b.  Anne isn’t in now.

     c.  Anne won’t be back tonight.

2.  a.  John is still at school.

     b.  John is out buying books.

     c.  John doesn’t know Ellen.

3.  a.  Peter is making dinner.

     b.  Peter is out for the evening.

     c.  Peter will be back soon.

4.  a.  Patrick is sleeping.

     b.  Patrick will call back tonight.

     c.  Patrick is eating dinner.

Answer & Transcript


A:        Hello.

B:        Hello, can I speak to Anne, please?

A:        Sorry. She’s not in right now. Would you like to leave a message?

B:        Yes, please. My name’s Mary Brown.

A:        Mary Brown?

B:        Yes, and my number is 914-6520.

A:        Did you say 6520?

B:        That’s right. Could you ask Anne to call me back tonight?

A:        Okay, I’ll give her the message.

B:        Thanks.

A:        You’re welcome.


A:        Hello.

B:        Hello. I’d like to speak to John, please.

A:        Oh, John’s not back from school yet. Can I take a message?

B:        Um, yes, please. My name is Ellen.

A:        E-L-L-E-N?

B:        That’s right. And my number is 614-5533.

A:        614-5533.

B:        Please tell John I’ll meet him tomorrow at 12 o’clock at the bookstore.

A:        At the bookstore. Okay. I’ll tell him.


A:        Hello.

B:        Hello. Is Peter there, please?

A:        He’s gone out for the evening. Can I take a message?

B:        Yes, please. This is Joan calling.

A:        Yes, Jean. What’s the message?

B:        No, it’s Joan. J-O-A-N. Please tell him the English exam will be on Tuesday in Room 214.

A:        English exam…Tuesday…Room 214. I’ll tell him.

B:        Thank you.


A:        Hello.

B:        Hello. This is John.

A:        Oh, hi, John!

B:        Is Patrick there?

A:        He’s here, but he’s sleeping. He won’t get up until morning. Can I take a message?

B:        Yes, please. Tell him that tomorrow’s party is at 7:30 at the Plaza Hotel.

A:        Okay, let’s see…John called… Oh, John, how do you spell your name again? Is it J-O-N?

B:        No, it’s J-O-H-N.

A:        Okay…John called. Tomorrow’s party…7:30…Plaza Hotel. Got it! He’ll be there.

B:        Thanks. Talk to you later.

A:        Bye!

Exercise 3

Task 1

Listen to each conversation. What is each call about? Circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  an apology for missing a movie

     b.  an invitation to a movie

     c.  a cancellation of a movie

2.  a.  a suggestion about a stereo

     b.  a request to borrow a stereo

     c.  a complaint about a stereo

3.  a.  a complaint about a date

     b.  an invitation to go on a date

     c.  a cancellation of a date

4.  a.  a request to change a meeting time

     b.  an offer to change a meeting time

     c.  a promise to change a meeting time

5.  a.  a suggestion about where to have dinner

     b.  an apology for missing dinner

     c.  a complaint about dinner

6.  a.  a complaint about helping Becky move

     b.  an invitation to help Becky move

     c.  a promise to help Becky move

Task 2

Listen again. In each person pleased or not pleased after getting the call?  Check the correct answer.

1.   pleased

      not pleased

2.   pleased

      not pleased

3.   pleased

      not pleased

4.   pleased

      not pleased

5.   pleased

      not pleased

6.   pleased

      not pleased

Answer & Transcript


A:        Hello.

B:        Hi, Jenny. This is David. How are things?

A:        Pretty good, thanks.

B:        Listen. I was wondering if you’re doing anything on Sunday.

A:        No, I don’t think so.

B:        Great. Would you like to see a movie with me?

A:        Oh, yeah. That sounds great. Thanks.


A:        Hello.

B:        Hi, Tony. This is Bob.

A:        Hi, Bob. What’s up?

B:        Oh, nothing much. But I have a favor to ask. Would it be okay for me to borrow your stereo on Sunday? Mine isn’t working very well, and I have some new CDs I’d like to listen to.

A:        Um. Well, okay. I guess that’s all right.

B:        Thanks. See you tomorrow.

A:        Yeah. Bye.

C:        Who was that?

A:        Oh, it was Bob. He wants to borrow my stereo again!

C:        Not again!


A:        Hello.

B:        Hi, John. This is Rita.

A:        Hi. How’s it going?

B:        Well, okay, but I’m afraid I have to cancel our date. Remember? We were going to see a play together.

A:        Yeah, I’ve already bought the tickets.

B:        Oh, I’m so sorry, but I have to drive my dad to the airport.

A:        Oh, well. I’ll see if I can get someone else to go with me.

B:        Yeah. Sorry about that.


A:        Hello.

B:        Hello, David. This is Paul.

A:        Oh, hi.

B:        Listen, you know we’re supposed to meet at six tonight for dinner?

A:        Yeah, is there a problem?

B:        No, but can we meet at seven o’clock instead? I think I’m going to be late.

A:        No problem. Actually, that’s better for me, too.

B:        Great. See you at seven o’clock.


A:        Hi, Joan. I know it’s late, but I wanted to call and apologize to you.

B:        Well, I was wondering why you didn’t meet me for dinner.

A:        I am so sorry, but my husband called me at work and told me that he was not feeling well. So, I had to go home and take care of him. I was so busy, I forgot to call you.

B:        Well, I understand your problem, but you really should have called.


A:        Hi, Howard! How are you doing?

B:        Oh, Becky! I’m doing pretty good. I’m leaving for my big vacation to Europe this Saturday.

A:        What? You are?

B:        Yeah, why?

A:        Well, you promised me that you would help me move into my new apartment this Saturday.

B:        Oh, that’s right. I forgot. Well, don’t worry. My plane leaves at night. I can still help you in the morning, I guess.

A:        Oh, good. Thanks!

B:        Sure.

Exercise 4

People are leaving messages. Are these statements true or false? Listen and check the correct answer.




1.   Pete will be back soon.

2.   Lynette will call Danny tomorrow.

3.   Charles is in a meeting until 3:00.

4.   Cathy should call Jan.

5.   Laura should meet June at 6:00.

Answer & Transcript

1 False   2 False   3 True   4 True   5 False



A:   Hi. This is Tracy. Is Pete there?

B:   No, he’s out for the evening. Can I take a message?

A:   No, please just tell him I’ll call tomorrow.


A:   Hi, this is Danny. Can I speak to Lynnette?

B:   No, she’s doing her homework now.

A:   Oh, okay. Can you ask her to call me back?

B:   Sure. She’ll call you in about an hour.


A:   Hi, is Charles there?

B:   Yes, but he’s in a meeting.

A:   Do you know when the meeting finishes?

B:   At three.

A:   Okay, thanks. I’ll call back then.


A:   Hello, is Cathy there?

B:   No, but she should be back soon. Can I take a message?

A:   Sure, tell her Jan called and ask her to call me back.

B:   Okay. I’ll tell her.

A:   Thank you. Good-bye.


A:   Hello?

B:   Hi, this is June. Is Laura there?

A:   Sorry, she’s still at work.

B:   Oh. Could you tell her we’re meeting at the pizza place downtown at 6:30?

A:   Okay, I’ll tell her.

B:   Thanks.

Exercise 5

Pete is listening to his messages. What should he do? Listen and write the correct letter.

1.   ……

2.   ……

3.   ……

4.   ……

5.   ……

a.   nothing

b.   return the call

c.   call his mom

d.   go to the doctor tomorrow

e.   pick up his new stereo

Answer & Transcript

1 d   2 c   3 a   4 e   5 b


1.   Hello, Peter. This is Dr. Baker’s office. Your appointment is tomorrow at 1:00. See you then.

2.   Hi, Pete. It’s your sister Tammy. In case you forgot, it’s Mom’s birthday today. Give her a call. Bye.

3.   Hi, this is Dennis calling for Patty? Uh… I think I have the wrong number. Sorry.

4.   This is Dave’s Stereo Center. The new stereo system you ordered is here. Come in anytime to pick it up.

5.   Hello. This is the Acme Collection Agency. You are late with your credit card payments. Please return this call immediately. The number is 1-800-U-PAY-NOW. That’s 1-800-872-9669.

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