Exercise 1   

People are talking about transportation. Listen and number the pictures.

Answer & Transcript


A:   Are the subways always this crowded?

B:   Yep, every morning and in the evening at rush hour.

A:   Wow!


A:   How much is the fare?

B:   It’s $1.25. Just put your money in the box right there.

A:   Oh, do you have change?

B:   No, you need the exact change.


A:   Are you free?

B:   Sure. Hop in. Where to?

A:   The Central Hotel. Do you know where that is?

A:   Yeah. It’s not far from here. About a 10-minute ride.

B:   Okay.


A:   One ticket to Chicago, please.

B:   Yeah. Okay. That’s $24.

A:   Does this one have a dining car?

B:   Yeah, there’s a dining car and a snack bar. Here’s your change.

A:   Thanks.


A:   What time is the next shuttle flight to Boston?

B:   It leaves in 30 minutes.

A:   Is it too late to get a ticket?

B:   No, you still have plenty of time to make it.

A:   Great. And how long is the flight?

B:   It’s about 45 minutes.


A:   Is that our ferry?

B:   I think so.

A:   It looks a little rough out there today. I think I’m going to get sick.

B:   Oh, dear.

Exercise 2

Task 1

Four hotel guests are calling for a taxi. Are these statements true or false? Listen and check the correct answer.

  True False
1.  The caller’s flight leaves in four hours.
2.  The caller wants to go to another hotel.
3.  The caller needs to catch a train.
4.  The caller’s friend is going to have a baby soon.

Task 2

Listen again. How much will each ride cost? Circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  $14

     b.  $40

2.  a.  $12

     b.  $20

3.  a.  $15

     b.  $50

4.  a.  $18

     b.  $80

Answer & Transcript


A:   City Cabs.

B:   Yes, I’d like a taxi to the airport, please. I’m at 421 Evergreen Street.

A:   Certainly. For how many passengers?

B:   Just one. About how much will it cost?

A:   It’s 40 dollars. Your taxi number is 6889.

B:   6889. Thanks. And will the taxi be here soon? I’m in a hurry because my flight leaves in two hours.

A:   It’ll be in front of your hotel in five minutes.

B:   Thanks.


A:   City Cabs.

B:   Could I have a taxi to the National Museum, please?

A:   Sure. How many passengers are there?

B:   There are three of us.

A:   Okay.

B:   And about how much is it to the museum from my hotel – the American Inn, on Fourth Street.

A:   It’ll be about $20.

B:   That’s fine. And will it take long to get there? I’m in a hurry because the museum closes in two hours.

A:   No problem. We’ll have you there by 3:30.

B:   Great.

A:   And let me give you your taxi number. It’s number 3556.

B:   Thanks.


A:   City Cabs.

B:   Yes, I need a taxi to the train station, please. I’m at 817 Iowa Avenue.

A:   For how many passengers?

B:   Just me.

A:   Sure. And do you want it right now?

B:   Yes. As soon as you can, please. I’m in a hurry. I have to catch a train.

A:   What time is your train?

B:   It’s at three o’clock.

A:   No problem.

B:   Oh. And about how much is it from here by taxi?

A:   It will be about $15.

B:   Thanks.

A:   And your taxi number will be 49178.


A:   City Cabs.

B:   Yes I’d like a cab to the hospital, please.

A:   Sure. Do you have an emergency?

B:   No, but I need to get there in a hurry. My friend has just had a baby. I want to take her some flowers.

A:   It won’t take long to get there. Is there just one passenger?

B:   Yes, that’s right. Oh, and I’m at 120 First Avenue.

A:   Okay. There’ll be a taxi at your door in three minutes. The taxi number is 5399.

B:   Thanks. And about how much is the fare?

A:   It’ll cost you about $18.

B:   Thanks.

Exercise 3

Task 1

Visitors are talking about taxis. Listen and check their opinions about taxi service.

  Good Okay Not good





Task 2

Listen again. Circle the correct answer.

1.  The thing she hates the most is that the ………….. .

a.  taxis aren’t air-conditioned

b.  drivers drive too fast

c.  drivers are rude

2.  The thing he likes the most is …………… .

a.  the prices

b.  that the taxis are clean

c.  the drivers

3.  The thing he hates the most is that the …………… .

a.  taxis are too expensive

b.  drivers don’t speak English very well

c.  taxis are not very safe

4.  The thing she likes the most is that the ……………. .

a.  taxis are comfortable

b.  drivers speak English well

c.  taxis are very cheap

Answer & Transcript


I hate using taxis here. The drivers drive too fast and really dangerously. And they’re often rude. The cars are mostly in pretty poor condition. But what I hate the most is that they aren’t air conditioned. It’s so hot here. They really need air-conditioned taxis. By the time I arrive somewhere, I feel really hot and uncomfortable.


I’ve taken quite a few taxi rides recently. I’ve never had any big problems using taxis here. They’re usually clean and the cars are pretty new. The prices are good, too. The thing I like most, though, is the drivers. They drive very carefully, and I think that’s very important.


I find that taxis here are okay. They’re pretty comfortable. Most of the cars they use are new and they keep them really clean. They’re a little expensive, though. I paid $50 to come from the airport. That is too expensive. I guess the thing I hate the most, though, is that the drivers don’t speak English very well. It’s very difficult to explain to them where you want to go.


The taxis here are okay, I guess. They’re very cheap, so that’s the thing I like most about them. It never costs more than a few dollars to go anywhere. But the taxis are all pretty old, so they’re not very comfortable. Half of them don’t have seat belts or air conditioning.

Exercise 4

Mr. McCabe is calling to reserve a taxi. What information does he give and receive? Listen and write the correct answer.

1.   Flight time: ……………..

2.   Pick-up time: ……………..

3.   Pick-up address: …………….. West Oak

4.   Taxi number: ……………..

5.   Fare: $……………..

Answer & Transcript

1.   8:40              4.   90

2.   6:30              5.   $25

3.   343


A:   Good afternoon. City Taxis.

B:   Hello. This is Thomas McCabe. I’d like to reserve a taxi to the airport for tomorrow morning.

A:   Certainly, Mr. McCabe. Is that for Midway Airport or O’Hare?

B:   Midway.

A:   Okay, and what time is your flight?

B:   It’s at 8:40.

A:   Okay… so, we will be picking you up at 6:30 in the morning. Where will you be?

B:   Here, at my house, that’s 343 West Oak.

A:   Okay. We’ll send taxi number 90 to your house at 6:30.

B:   Oh! How much is the fare?

A:   It’s $25.00. We take cash or credit cards.

B:   Okay. Thank you.

A:   Thank you. Good-bye.

Exercise 5

A TV reporter is interviewing people about taxi service in different cities in the United States. What is the taxi service like in each city? Listen and check the correct answer.

  Good Okay Not good
1.   Bloomington
2.   Amherst
3.   New York
4.   Honolulu
5.   San Francisco

Answer & Transcript

1  Okay                4  Not good

2  Good                5  Good

3  Not good


A:   Today, we are asking people all over the U.S. how they feel about the taxi service in their city. First we go to Ray in Bloomington, Indiana. What do you think of the taxi service in Bloomington, Ray?

B:   Well, it’s not bad. I don’t use taxis very often, but if I have to go to the airport or something, they’re always on time and the drivers are careful and polite. The only problem is that they are expensive. In general, though the taxi service is okay.

A:   Now we go to Maureen in Amherst, Massachusetts. How do you feel about the taxis in Amherst?

B:   I’ve taken taxis in a lot of different cities, so I know that the taxis here are very good. The cars are often new, and they’re always very clean. The drivers are polite, and they drive carefully. I always feel safe when I’m in a taxi here.

A:   That’s good to hear. And now we go to Ahmed in New York City.

B:   The situation with taxis here in New York is not so good. The fares are high, so I can’t take a taxi very often. And the cars are old and some of them don’t have air conditioning. The drivers are generally good, but they don’t understand English very well, which is a problem sometimes. There’s definitely room for improvement.

A:   Thank you, Ahmed. And now we go to Larry in Honolulu. How are the taxis out in Hawaii?

B:   Awful. I mean, the drivers are not careful at all, and the fares are really high. Sometimes I think the drivers add a little bit to the fare … that’s not right.

A:   Hmm… I see. Finally, we go to Patricia in San Francisco. What’s the situation there?

B:   The cars are comfortable and usually clean. And most of the drivers are friendly and helpful. I haven’t ever had a bad taxi experience here.

A:   Well, I’m glad to hear that. Thanks to all of you.

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