Exercise 1   

Which item did each person receive? Listen and check the correct answer.

Answer & Transcript


Hey, they said this camcorder had a case – but look! There’s no case here.


Look at this! I asked for a small T-shirt and they gave me an extra large sweatshirt.


Hey, look what happened! I ordered these glasses through the mail and one of them came broken.


Hey, look. All the buttons are missing from my new shirt. And look at this stain.

Exercise 2

Task 1

Customers are describing a problem. Listen and circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  He needs a bigger size.

      b.  He needs a smaller size.

2.  a.  The shoes are too small.

      b.  The shoes are damaged.

3.  a.  The lock is missing.

      b.  The lock isn’t working.

4.  a.  The band is too big.

      b.  The band is broken.

5.  a.  The shirt has shrunk.

      b.  The buttons have come off the shirt.

6.  a.  The back doesn’t close.

      b.  The shutter is broken.

Task 2

Listen again. Are these statements true or false? Check the correct answer.

  True False

1.  The clerk asks the customer to come back tomorrow.

2.  The clerk asks for the receipt.

3.  The customer has to bring the briefcase back in a few days.

4.  The customer should call the clerk by tonight.

5.  The clerk asks the customer to fill out a form.

6.  The customer needs to show the clerk the guarantee.

Answer & Transcript


A:   Can I exchange this shirt, please?

B:   What’s the problem?

A:   I asked for a size 44, but this is a size 34.

B:   Let me see if I can find one in the right size. Just a moment. I’m sorry, sir. We are completely out of your size. Could you come back next week? We’ll have some more in then.

A:   Um. Okay.


A:   I’d like to exchange these shoes, please.

B:   Oh, are they the wrong size?

A:   No, I just bought these and I noticed that the heels are coming off. Look

B:   I see what you mean. Do you have your receipt?

A:   Let me see. Oh, it looks like I forgot it. Does it matter?

B:   Yes. Could you bring us your receipt?


A:   Excuse me, I bought this briefcase here a few months ago. Look. Here’s my receipt.

B:   Yes?

A:   The problem is, I can’t get the lock to work.

B:   Strange. Let’s have a look. You’re right. No problem. It comes with a two-year guarantee, so we’ll repair it for you. But could you leave the briefcase with us for a few days.

A:   Sure. No problem.


A:   Excuse me, I’d like to exchange this watch. I just bought it a few weeks ago, but look at this!

B:   What seems to be the problem?

A:   It’s the band. It’s already broken.

B:   Oh. That’s not good. Let me see if I can get you another one. I’m sorry. We are completely sold out of that style. I can order one for you, or do you want to exchange it for a different watch?

A:   Well, I really like this style.

B:   Tell you what. Call me here tomorrow. By then, I’ll know when I can get you a new one.

A:   Okay. Thanks. I’ll call you tomorrow.


A:   Excuse me. I’d like to return this shirt.

B:   Is there a problem with it?

A:   Yes. See the sleeves? Believe it or not, this used to be a long-sleeved shirt.

B:   Really.

A:   Yes, I washed it once, and look at the sleeves. Now they’re much too short.

B:   I see what you mean. I’ll get you another one. Could you just fill out this form for me, please?

A:   Oh, sure. And here’s my receipt.


A:   There’s something wrong with this camera I bought here a few months ago.

B:   What’s the problem with it?

A:   The back doesn’t shut properly. See? It pops open when you try to shut it.

B:   That’s strange. I’ve never seen that problem before. We’ll certainly repair if for you at no charge. But I do need one thing. Could you show me the guarantee that came with the camera?

A:   Yes, here it is.

B:   Thanks.

Exercise 3

Task 1

People are talking about shopping. Listen and circle the correct information about each person.

1.  a.  She enjoyed going to the store.

      b.  There were good bargains.

      c.  She bought many things.

2.  a.  He didn’t like the clothes he bought.

      b.  He didn’t buy much.

      c.  Most of the things he bought were good.

3.  a.  The camera cost nearly $150.

      b.  The camera doesn’t work well.

      c.  The camera cost more in a different store.

4.  a.  She thought the prices were reasonable.

      b.  She bargained when she bought them.

      c.  Her friend got things for a higher price.

Task 2

Listen again. What phrase completes each statement? Write the correct letter.

1.  Next time, she won’t ……

2.  Next time, he’ll save his money and ……

3.  Next time, he’ll spend more time ……

4.  Next time, she’ll be sure to ……

a.  comparing prices before buying something.

b.  go shopping during a big sale.

c.  bargain.

d.  wait for the sales at home.

Answer & Transcript


I went to the summer sale at the department store the other day. There were hundreds of people there. People were lined up in front of the main door before it opened. As soon as the doors opened, everyone rushed in. there were some great bargains there, but it was impossible to find what I wanted because of the crowds. I really wanted to buy a few things, but after a while I got fed up and left without buying anything. Big crowds drive me crazy. Next time, I won’t go shopping during a big sale.


I bought lots of cheap clothes when I was on vacation last summer. Things were about half the price of the same things here. The clothes looked well made, so I spent a lot of money. But I’ve had problems with almost everything I bought. Some things fell apart. Some shrank as soon as I washed them. And the colors have faded on the rest. Next time, I’ll save my money and wait for the sales at home.


I needed a new camera last month, so I bought one from a store in the mall. I paid $148 for it, and it’s a really good camera. It takes beautiful pictures. A few days ago, though, I found exactly the same camera in a store downtown for only $95. I was really annoyed, but I guess there’s nothing much I can do about it. Next time I will spend more time comparing prices before I buy something.


some friends and I were on vacation in China last summer. I went shopping one day and got some really fabulous things. I got nice running shoes and tennis clothes. I thought the prices were reasonable and I hate bargaining, so I just paid the price they asked. The next day, one of my friends went back to the same store and decided to bargain. She got things for much cheaper prices than I paid. Next time I go traveling, I’ll be sure to bargain when I buy something.

Exercise 4

Customers are describing a problem. What phrase completes each statement? Listen and write the correct letter.

1. The microwave    …….

2. The shoes             …….

3. The sweater         …….

4. The watch             …….

5. The CD player      …….

a.   didn’t work.

b.   were poorly made.

c.   was the wrong size.

d.   was broken.

e.   was the wrong color.

Answer & Transcript

1 c   2 b   3 e   4 d   5 a



I ordered a new microwave oven for my kitchen. When I got it, I saw that it was way too big to fit over my stove. I checked the order form, and even though I had ordered a small one, they sent a large one.


I ordered a very expensive pair of shoes. When I got them, I saw immediately that they were poorly made. The first time I wore them, the bottom started coming loose. The next time, the heel fell off. After three days, they had fallen apart completely.


I ordered a wool sweater – a pink one, since pink is my favorite color. I was so surprised when I got a light green sweater. I hate light green!


I ordered a watch as a present for my daughter. When I got it, the glass was, broken. They did not pack it well, and it broke in the mail.


I ordered a CD player, because it was really cheap. It looked great, too. When I plugged it in, nothing happened, though. Nothing at all!

Exercise 5

A customer is describing a problem. Are these statements true or false? Listen and check the correct answer.




1.   They are in a jewelry store.

2.   The man bought a toy for his grandson.

3.   The toy had a missing part.

4.   The man wants his money back.

5.   The man cannot get his money back without a receipt.

Answer & Transcript

1 False   2 False   3 True   4 True   5 True


A:   Can I help you?

B:   Yes. Last week, I bought this toy for my son’s third birthday, but I’d like to return it.

A:   Of course. What’s the problem?

B:   Well, I put the toy together according to the instructions, and when I was done, I realized there was a part missing. Look! It doesn’t move correctly. Can I get my money back? I paid $50 for this.

A:   Hmmm. Well, I can give you your money back if you have the receipt. Do you have it?

B:   Um, no, I don’t. Does it matter?

A:   Yes, it does. You’ll need to come back with your receipt.

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