Exercise 1   

People are talking about their roommates. Listen and circle the two words that best describe each person.

1.  a.  considerate

      b.  messy

      c.  helpful

      b.  unreliable

2.  a.  unfriendly

      b.  talkative

      c.  studious

      b.  generous

3.  a.  messy

      b.  studious

      c.  sociable

      b.  humorous

4.  a.  unreliable

      b.  inconsiderate

      c.  neat

      b.  helpful

5.  a.  neat

      b.  sociable

      c.  considerate

      b.  studious

6.  a.  lazy

      b.  quiet

      c.  studious

      b.  bad-tempered

Answer & Transcript


I like sharing a room with Greg. He’s very quiet and always asks me if it’s okay for him to listen to the radio or watch TV. He likes to keep the room nice and clean, just like I do. He helps me a lot with homework, too. He’s really smart and is always happy to check over my assignments.


Donna loves baking. She’s always making things and giving them to her friends. Cakes, pies, bread… she bakes everything. No wonder I’m putting on weight. She loves calling people on the phone, and she spends hours talking to them. She really should spend more time on her school work, though.


I have a great roommate. She’s neat and she makes me laugh a lot. She’s got a wonderful sense of humor. She’s really smart, too. She studies all the time. I sometimes wish she’d take more time off to make friends because she hardly knows anyone. She doesn’t seem to feel comfortable when she’s around people.


Tom’s awful as a roommate. He always says he’s going to do something, like pay the phone bill, but then he doesn’t do it. He never does much to keep the place clean, either. He just throws things on the floor and expects me to put them away. He doesn’t care that I have to live in his mess. It drives me crazy.


Bob and I get along pretty well. He keeps the place really clean and neat. The only thing is, he loves to party. He’s always inviting friends over, and they sit around and talk really loudly until it’s very late. It makes it really hard for me to study. I’ve asked him not to do it when I’m studying, but he still does. I guess it doesn’t bother him because he never studies.


Pam is difficult to live with because she has very strong opinions. She always has to be right about things. And she just sits around all day watching TV. She never does anything active. The worst thing is she loses her temper very quickly. I think I need to find a new roommate.

Exercise 2

Task 1

People are comparing their new roommate with their old roommate. Which one does each person prefer? Listen and check the correct answer.


The new one

The old one







Task 2

Listen again. What word or phrase describes each person’s favorite roommate? Write the correct letter.

1.  ……

2.  ……

3.  ……

4.  ……

5.  ……

6.  ……

a.  considerate

b.  humorous

c.  neat and clean

d.  thoughtful

c.  not too talkative

d.  friendly and happy

Answer & Transcript


A:   How are you getting along with your new roommate?

B:   Well, she’s very different from the one I had last semester.

A:   Really?

B:   Yeah, my old roommate used to play her radio really late and get about 20 phone calls a night. I could never get my work done. Luckily, my new roommate is very quiet and hardly talks on the phone. I really like her.


A:   Do you have the same roommate this semester?

B:   No, I have a new one, unfortunately. I don’t like him too much.

A:   Oh?

B:   Yeah, David, my roommate from last semester, was really neat and clean. My new one leaves his clothes all over the place. The place is always a mess.


A:   Has your new roommate moved in yet?

B:   Yes. Last week.

A:   Is he okay?

B:   Oh, yeah! I am so glad my old roommate left. He was always in a bad mood about things. My new one is so friendly and always happy. We get along really well.


A:   What’s your new roommate like?

B:   Oh, we’ve already started having arguments.

A:   How come?

B:   She likes to have her friends come by all the time. The place is always full of her noisy friends.

A:    Oh. That’s too bad. You used to get along so well with the old one.

B:   I know. She was really considerate.


A:   How are you and your roommate getting along?

B:   Pretty well. She usually comes home late, but she’s always careful not to make any noise in case I’m sleeping. She’s very thoughtful. I like that.

A:   That’s nice.

B:   Yeah. She’s a real change from my old roommate. She only ever cared about herself.


A:   Has your new roommate arrived yet?

B:   Yes, he has. He’s really fun.

A:   Oh, good!

B:   Yeah. He has a great sense of humor, so we are always joking and telling stories.

A:   That’s great. Your old roommate never told jokes.

B:   Yes, he was so serious about everything.

Exercise 3

Task 1

People left voicemails for their roommates. What do they want their roommates to do? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  make the bed

      b.  lend him a book

      c.  bring him a book

2.  a.  invite her friends over

      b.  buy some snacks

      c.  make some snacks

3.  a.  call his parents

      b.  make restaurant reservations

      c.  clean the living room

4.  a.  buy some food

      b.  clean the room

      c.  empty out the refrigerator

Task 2

Listen again. Are these statements true or false? Check the correct answer.

  True False

1.  Ted did not make his bed this morning.

2.  Margaret invited friends over to play games.

3.  John is going to buy dinner for Ken.

4.  Carrie forgot to clean the apartment.

Answer & Transcript


Hi, Paul. This is Ted. Listen, could you do me a favor? I left my chemistry book on my bed. I hope you can find it. The bed’s a mess because I didn’t have time to make it this morning. Could you bring my book with you to class this afternoon? I need it for class and I don’t have time to go back for it. Thanks.


Anne. This is Marharet. I’ve invited a couple of friends to come by tonight at 7:30 to watch TV with us. You know them – Dave and Sue. Would you be able to pick up some snacks? I have a class till 7:00, so I won’t have time to buy them before the guests arrive. I’ll pay you back when I get home. Thanks!


Hey, Ken, it’s John. Guess what? My folks just sent me an e-mail to say they’ll be over to visit around five. Sorry, but I left the living room in a real mess. Could you give it a quick clean up? I have football practice till 4:30, and I can’t get back to do it myself. We can all go out for dinner together later. I’ll buy you whatever you want to eat!


Brenda, this is Carrie. I’m calling because we’re completely out of food. Sorry, but some friends came by earlier and we finished everything. We were really hungry! The refrigerator is completely empty. Could you get a few things for dinner on the way home? I have to finish an assignment, so I won’t be home till about 8:00. By the way, I cleaned the apartment. I hope you like it.

Exercise 4

People are describing their roommates. Listen and circle the word that best describes each person.

1.   Ross

a.   messy

b.   neat

c.   inconsiderate

2.   Annette

a.   sociable

b.   unfriendly

c.   quiet

3.   Henry

a.   lazy

b.   sociable

c.   studious

4.   Teresa

a.   bad-tempered

b.   generous

c.   unreliable

5.   Fred

a.   messy

b.   considerate

c.   helpful

Answer & Transcript

1 b   2 a   3 c   4 b   5 a



Ross is not bad as a roommate. The best thing about him is how he always washes the dishes and sweeps the floor and generally keeps things really clean and orderly.


Annette is a really fun roommate. She has lots of friends and is always inviting them over to watch a video or have dinner.


Henry… well I don’t know him very well yet. He pretty much keeps to himself. I know he studies a lot and does well in his classes. I hope to get to know him better as time goes on.


Teresa is an ideal roommate. If I ever need help with my school work, or someone to loan me a few dollars, or someone to just listen to my problems, she is always there.


Well, I can’t say Fred is the best roommate in the world. He leaves his dirty clothes all over the bathroom floor, he never cleans his dishes, and his room is a complete disaster.

Exercise 5

People left voicemails for their roommates. Are these statements true or false? Listen and check the correct answer.




1.   Tony can’t get his notebook himself because he has to talk to his professor.

2.   Tanya didn’t buy the snacks because she didn’t have enough money.

3.   Steve will be in class until 8:00.

4.   Pam is going to study at home in the afternoon.

5.   Justin needs to borrow a shirt because all of his clothes are dirty.

Answer & Transcript

1 True   2 False   3 True   4 False   5 True



Hey, Matt. This is Tony. Could you do me a big favor? I left my history notebook on my desk. Can you bring it to class with you? I have to talk to my professor before class, so I can’t get back to the room to get it myself. Thanks!


Hi, Allison. This is Tanya. I have a favor to ask you. Can you buy some snacks for our French Club meeting this afternoon? I was supposed to buy them, but I forgot. Thanks so much.


Hi, Will. This is Steve. Listen, I’ve invited Ted and Luke to come over and watch the game on TV tonight. They’re going to arrive around 8:30. Can you order two pizzas? I’ll be in class until 8:00, so I won’t have time to order them. Thanks a lot.


Hi, Pam. This is Lydia. I need to ask a favor. Can I borrow your leather coat tonight? I have a date with Justin ­ you know, that cute guy in my biology class. I know you’re going to the library to study this afternoon, so I wanted to catch you before you left. Thanks.


Hi, Gerald, this is Justin. You know that great shirt you bought last week. I wondered if it would be okay if I borrowed it tonight. I have a date with Lydia, that really cute girl in our biology class. All my clothes are dirty and I don’t have time to wash them. If you let me borrow your shirt, I promise I’ll dry clean it and give it back to you just like new. Thanks. Talk to you later.

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