Exercise 1   

Where is each conversation taking place? Listen and number the pictures.

Answer & Transcript


A:   So, what are you taking this semester?

B:   Well, I’m taking a business class…

A:   Me, too. Whose class are you in?

B:   Professor Jones’s.

A:   Oh, so am I.

B:   How do you like the class so far?

A:   I really like it.


A:   Are you enjoying the party?

B:   Yes, I am.

A:   Can I get you something to drink?

B:   Not right now, thanks.


A:   Do you want to share a taxi into town?

B:   Oh, sure.

A:   Are you here on vacation?

B:   No, business. I’m in computers.

A:   Oh, me, too. I work for IBM.

B:   Really? I work for Apple.

A:   Oh!


A:   How do you like this weather?

B:   Oh, the weather’s great.

A:   So, when did you get here?

B:   I arrived yesterday.

A:   And how long are you staying?

B:   For a week.

A:   Well, uh, want to go for a swim?

B:   Sure. You first.


A:   Have you been here before?

B:   No, this is my first time. I hope they do something nice with my hair.

A:   Oh, I’m sure they will. I always have my hair done here. Ask for Randy. He’s very good.

B:   Which one is he?

A:   The tall guy over there.


A:   How do you like it here?

B:   It’s very nice. My room is really comfortable.

A:   So is mine. Are you traveling with friends?

B:   No, actually, I’m traveling alone.

A:   Me, too. Say, would you like to go to the coffee shop for a cup of coffee?

B:   Sure.

Exercise 2

Task 1

People are chatting at a party. Are these statements true or false? Listen and check the correct answer.

    True False
1. Anne    
a.  knows a lot of people at the party.
b.  is in town on vacation.
c.  is only planning to stay a few days.
d.  is sharing an apartment with friends.
2. David    
a.  knows a lot of people at the party.
b.  is in town on vacation.
c.  is staying in a hotel.
d.  will go back to Chicago in four days.
3. Debbie    
a.  knows a lot of people at the party.
b.  is in town on vacation.
c.  is staying with her cousin.
d.  is planning to stay only a few days.
4. Jim    
a.  is staying with a friend.
b.  knows a lot of people in town.
c.  just started a new job.
d.  is planning to stay only a few days.

Task 2

Listen again. Do you think the people will meet again? Circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  Yes, they probably will meet again.

     b.  No, they probably won’t meet again.

2.  a.  Yes, they probably will meet again.

     b.  No, they probably won’t meet again.

3.  a.  Yes, they probably will meet again.

     b.  No, they probably won’t meet again.

4.  a.  Yes, they probably will meet again.

     b.  No, they probably won’t meet again.

Answer & Transcript


A:   Hello. I’m Patricia.

B:   Hi. My name’s Anne.

A:   Nice to meet you. Do you know a lot of people here?

B:   Actually, I only know Linda here. She’s the one who invited me.

A:   I see. Are you going to school here?

B:   Yeah. I just arrived. I’m going to take a drama course. I’ll be here for six months.

A:   Fantastic. Sounds interesting. Are you staying in a dormitory?

B:   No. I have a couple of friends here, so we’ve rented an apartment.

A:   By the way, let me give you my telephone number. Maybe we can get together sometime.

B:   Thanks. We should have coffee sometime.


A:   Hi. I’m Tony.

B:   Hello. I’m David.

A:   Great party, isn’t it.

B:   Yes, terrific.

A:   Do you know a lot of people here?

B:   Yeah, I know most of them.

A:   Are you studying here?

B:   No, I’m here for a convention.

A:   What kind of convention?

B:   It’s a computer convention. Most of these people are also attending it.

A:   I see. Are you all staying in town?

B:   Yeah, we’re all staying at the convention center hotel downtown.

A:   So, how long will you be here?

B:   We finish in two days. Then I head back to Chicago.

A:   Well, enjoy the rest of your visit.

B:   Thanks. Nice talking to you.


A:   Hello. I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Karen.

B:   Hi, I’m Debbie. Nice to meet you.

A:   You, too. Are you new in town?

B:   Yes, I am. I’m afraid I don’t know many people here.

A:   Oh, I’ll take you around and introduce you to a few people then.

B:   Thanks.

A:   Are you on vacation here?

B:   Yes. My cousin lives here – that’s her over there – Suzie Jacobs. I’m staying with her.

A:   Oh, I know her. She’s a good friend of mine.

B:   Really?

A:   Yeah. So, will you be here long?

B:   About six weeks.

A:   Great! I’ll tell you what. I’m having a few friends over next Sunday. Why don’t you and Suzie come over, too?

B:   I’d love to. Thanks.


A:   Hi. My name’s Jonathan.

B:   Hi. Jim’s the name.

A:   Nice to meet you, Jim. Are you here with Teresa?

B:   Yeah, she’s an old friend from college. I’m staying with her until I find my own place. She invited me along because I don’t know many people in town.

A:   Great. You’ll get to know everyone here soon. This is a very friendly crowd.

B:   That’s good.

A:   So, did you just move here?

B:   Yes, I just started a new job here with a French language school. I speak French fluently.

A:   Is that right? I’ve been thinking of studying French.

B:   Oh! Well, let me give you my card. Call me some time next week to set up an appointment.

A:   Great. Thanks. Well, in the meantime, enjoy the party.

B:   You, too.

Exercise 3

Task 1

People are talking about their vacations. Listen and number the topics from 1 to 4 in the order they are mentioned.


the food …..

 the staff …..

the people …..

the beach …..


the taxi …..

the food …..

the hotel …..

the waiters …..


the people …..

the hotel …..

the bus …..

the food …..


the sightseeing …..

the buses …..

the shopping …..

the people …..

Task 2

Listen again. For each topic, does the person have a positive or negative opinion? Check the correct answer.





the people

the beach

the food

the staff





the taxi

the food

the hotel

the waiters





the people

the hotel

the bus

the food





the sightseeing

the buses

the shopping

the people

Answer & Transcript


Los Angeles is really beautiful. Everyone is so healthy and perfect-looking, but kind of unfriendly. This afternoon I was parking my car at the beach when this man in a pickup truck started yelling at me. He said it was his parking space. At a public parking lot! We had to find another parking space, which wasn’t easy, and it really scared my kids. When we finally got to the beach, it was just beautiful we watched one of those great, slow California sunsets, then we had a delicious seafood dinner. After that, we drove back to our hotel and ordered dessert in our room – apple pie and vanilla ice cream! The hotel staff was helpful, and they were very nice to my kids. I really appreciated that.


When my friends and I arrived in Paris last week, we took this awful taxi from the airport to the hotel. We got in an accident, but no one was hurt! When we finally got to the hotel, the room was really small and dirty. And there was only one bed for three people! So, we asked them to give us a different room. For dinner, we went to this little restaurant across the street. I had the most delicious onion soup! The waiters were really friendly and helpful. They helped translate the menu for us and suggested some really delicious dishes.


The buses in India are horrible! Today it took us twelve hours to go only 100 kilometers. The seats were really small, and it was much too crowded. The bus broke down, and we had to wait by the side of the road for a few hours. After an hour or so, the people on the bus started singing songs – you know, to pass the time – and some of them were even dancing. They asked me a lot of questions about my family back home, and that felt good. Then some kids came by selling these delicious melons and crispy fried snacks. I’d never tasted anything so spicy! I’m really looking forward to sleeping in my hotel room tonight – the bed is really soft and comfortable, and you can see the mountains from the window.


I arrived here in Bangkok a couple of days ago. At first, I was sure I was going to have a horrible vacation, because I had this awful toothache! Luckily, the man at the tourist office was really helpful. He found a great English-speaking dentist for me. The people have all been really friendly like that. I got my tooth fixed this morning, and then I went sightseeing and saw all of the wonderful old temples in the city. I took so many beautiful pictures. And the shopping! I’ve found a lot of great designer clothes for cheap prices. The only problem is the buses. They aren’t air conditioned! Tomorrow, I’m taking taxis everywhere.

Exercise 4

People are chatting. Where is each conversation taking place? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1. a.   at a baseball game

    b.   at a coffee shop

    c.   at a health club

2. a.   at a party

    b.   on a bus

    c.   at a business meeting

3. a.   in a movie theater

    b.   on an airplane

    c.   on a cruise ship

4. a.   at a conference

    b.   in an office

    c.   in a classroom

5. a.   in a taxi

    b.   on a subway

    c.   on an airplane

Answer & Transcript

1 c   2 a   3 b   4 c   5 b



A:   Excuse me. Have you been here before?

B:   Yeah, I work out here all the time. Are you a new member?

A:   Yes, I am. I’m trying to find out when the next aerobics class is. Do you know?

B:   Sure. It’s at six o’clock.

A:   Thanks.


A:   Hi, I’m Paul.

B:   Hi, I’m Meg.

A:   Do you know many people here?

B:   No, only the host. He’s my cousin. I don’t live here. I’m on business from Los Angeles.

A:   Oh really-that’s great. Well, enjoy your stay here.

B:   Thanks. I will.


A:   How are you doing? You look a little pale.

B:   Well, I’m a little nervous and my stomach feels funny. This is my first time flying.

A:   You should move to a seat near the window. Looking outside always helps me relax.

B:   Umm… I’ll be fine right here.

A:   Okay. Enjoy the flight!

B:   You, too.


A:   Hi, is anyone sitting here?

B:   No, I don’t think so.

A:   Thanks. Have you taken any of Professor Castro’s classes before?

B:   Yes, I have. She’s a good teacher, but she gives a lot of homework, and her tests are really hard.

A:   Oh, no! I hate studying!

B:   Well, we could study together.

A:   Okay. That’s a good idea.


A:   Excuse me, which stop do I get off at for the City Museum?

B:   Get off at 86th Street. That’s three more stops.

A:   Is it far to walk from there?

B:   No. Just three or four blocks.

A:   Oh, good. Thank you very much.

Exercise 5

Angela is chatting at a party. Are these statements true or false? Listen and check the correct answer.




1.   Angela and Wayne have met before.



2.   Angela is doing some sightseeing.



3.   Angela’s hotel room is small and comfortable.



4.   Angela got lost a few days ago.



5.   Angela hopes to come back for a vacation.



Answer & Transcript

1 False   2 True   3 False   4 True   5 True


A:   Hello, my name is Angela.

B:   Hi, I’m Wayne. I haven’t seen you around here before. Are you from out of town?

A:   Yes, I’m from Boston.

B:   Oh. Are you here for business or pleasure?

A:   Business-though I am doing some sightseeing, too.

B:   Where are you staying?

A:   Downtown at the Grand Palace. It’s a beautiful old hotel. My room is large and comfortable and the staff has been very helpful.

B:   That’s good. This is a friendly town.

A:   Yes, almost everyone I’ve met has been friendly. When I got lost on my way to a meeting a few days ago, some very nice people walked me to the right place. I was so surprised.

B:   Well, I’m glad to hear you’re having a good time. Maybe you will be able to come back some time for a vacation.

A:   Yes, I hope so.

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