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Who is the creative person that you admire?

Well, I really admire Mr. Tom, who is an extremely creative Math teacher.

Why do you admire him?

For me, Math is quite boring because I have to work with long numbers. I used to hate Math so much before I had lessons with Mr. Tom. He has thousands of ways to teach that boring subject, which inspires me a lot.

How did he become so creative?

I’m not quite sure, but I think that’s his inborn talent.

Do people you know admire him, too?

Of course. All my classmates just love and respect him for his creative teaching.

What is he like?

He has a good sense of humor. He always tells jokes, and we just can’t help laughing.

Do you think creativity can be learned and practiced?

Yes, I definitely do. Creativity, like any other qualities, can be trained.

How is creativity important in study or work?

It generates energy and makes things more inspiring. Without creativity, work and study are just dull and tiring.

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