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Who wrote the letter to you?

My dad wrote the letter to me when he was on a business trip.

Did you keep the letter?

Yes, I put it in a folder. Whenever I’m down, reading his letter would be a good way to cheer me up.

What was the letter about?

He told me about his new workplace and how things were there.

How did you feel about the letter?

I was glad to know that he was fine in another city.

Do you have a letter collection?

Yes. I collect all the letters from family and friends. It’s one of my hobbies.

Do you like writing letters or emails?

I prefer writing paper letters.

Do people in your country usually write letters?

Years ago they did. Now people prefer emails.

What’s the difference between emails and hand-written letters?

Emails are much more convenient than letters because they’re free to send and they get there instantly.

However, letters are much more special.

Why should we write letters to friends or relatives?

It’s a good way to show love to people you care about.

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