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What’s your favorite music band?

I’m a big fan of One Direction. There are 5 singers in the band.

Is it famous around the world?

Yes, it is. The band is well known around the world. Almost all teenagers love them.

What’s their taste of music?

They sing Pop music. Their most famous song may be “What Makes You Beautiful’’.

Are they good at dancing?

Yes, I think so. I fall in love with their every step.

Have you ever seen them in real life?

Nope, I just watch them on media. I wish I will see them one day.

How often do you come to their show?

I watch videos almost every day. Listening to their songs helps me chill out.

Can you sing their songs?

Yes, but only one song. I just keep singing it over and over again every day.

Do your friends like them?

Of course. We usually watch their performances and discuss it together.

Do they have anti-fans?

Yes, every famous singer has anti-fans.

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