Improve your ability to speak English

Are you studying or working?

I left school 3 years ago. I’m working now.

Are you self – employed or working for a company?

I’m self-employed. I used to work for a company 2 years ago.

Are you running any business?

Yes, I’m running a small business.

What does your business sell?

I make and sell handmade cosmetics.

Do you have any difficulty running that business?

Yes, I had some difficulties attracting customers at first, but everything is getting better now.

Is that an online or offline business?

I sell products online. It’s easier selling online than offline because I can take full advantage of my social network.

When did you start the business?

I started running my own business 2 years ago.

What are some advantages of running your own business?

I can take some days off whenever I feel tired, and I can make much more money compared to working for a company.

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