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What’s your favorite cosmetic item?

My favorite cosmetic item is a cherry red lipstick.

When did you buy it?

I bought it in a local cosmetic shop.

How often do you use it?

Almost every day. I sometimes change the color.

How did it change your physical appearance?

Oh. At first, I was hesitant to try because I thought it wouldn’t match my skin undertone, but when putting it on, the cherry red color did make me more charming and gorgeous.

Is it expensive?

Nope. It is under $21only.

Is the brand name famous?

Yes, I think. M.A.C is well-known all around the world. M.A.C lipstick is an iconic product of the producer.

How important are cosmetics according to you?

Well, frankly, cosmetics are really important to women although I agree that the true beauty does come from inside.

Is it important to have a good-looking appearance?

Sure. You will be given more opportunities if you’re good-looking.

Are cosmetics harmful?

Yes, I guess. Some toxic chemicals in cosmetics may cause skin cancer.

Do think beauty products are a waste of money?

Not really as for me, I just spend my saving money on cosmetics.

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