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Do you usually exercise?

Yes, I do. Doing exercise is one of my good habits.

What sport do you play?

Swimming is my favorite. I also play tennis.

How often do you exercise?

I go jogging almost every day before breakfast.

When did you start doing exercise?

Just last year, actually.

Is there anyone who does exercise with you?

I go jogging with my older brother. He’s a good company of mine.

What benefits can you get from exercising?

Well, a lot. Exercise helps reduce fat and build muscles. It also keeps me awake mentally during the whole day.

Where do you exercise?

At a nearby park. There are some exercise machines for people to use.

Why do you exercise?

I like moving. For me, life without moving is like a picture without color.

Do people in your country do much exercises?

I don’t think so. They’re so busy working that they forget to do exercise.

What if people don’t do enough exercise?

Obviously, they’ll gain weights fast and become obese.

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