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Are you a big fan of fashion?

Yes, I am. I believe every girl is crazy about fashion.

What style do you choose to wear?

Well, my favorite piece of clothes is a dress. Depending on the situation, I choose a formal or informal dress to wear.

Do you enjoy shopping for clothes?

Yes, I’m a shopaholic, actually.

Is there any fashion icon who you want to wear the same?

Yes, I really admire Taylor Swift and wish to wear like her.

Do you create your own fashion style?

No, I’m not a fashionista, so most of the time I just follow the fashion trend.

Do you prefer vintage or modern style? Why?

Honestly, I love vintage style. Wearing classic clothes makes me feel like I’m special.

Have you ever attended in any fashion show?

Not in real life. I just watch them on TV.

What do people think about your fashion style?

I don’t know exactly, and I don’t care much about it. I just wear what makes me comfortable and confident.

Are you going to change your fashion style in the future?

Well, I can’t tell. Maybe fashion is changeable, and I am, too.

Is fashion important to people?

Yes, in my opinion. Fashion can partly reveal who you are.

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