Improve your ability to speak English

What is your current short-term goal?

I’m determined to get a scholarship to study post-graduate abroad.

When did you start thinking about this goal?

I started thinking about it when I left university.

What difficulties do you have in order to achieve it?

Spending a lot of time searching it, I haven’t found any scholarship that fits my needs.

Do you need any help to achieve that goal?

I really need spiritual encouragement from my family and friends.

Do your parents support you to achieve that goal?

Yes, they do. They’re always by my side and support me when needed.

Do you think it’s important to set goals?

Sure. We all need to have some goals to drive ourselves towards them. Setting goals is a necessary step to do in order to succeed in doing something

What are the important qualities to achieve goals?

Well, you need to be persistent to what you desire to get. Commitment and patience are needed, too.

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