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Who is your neighbor?

My neighbor is a university student. He lives next to my apartment.

When did you become neighbors?

I first met him when I moved to this apartment 2 years ago.

Is he friendly?

Yes, he is. He always smiles when he sees me.

How often do you see him?

Every day at the gate. Sometimes I invite him to my apartment when I throw a party.

Do you have any problems with him?

Only once when he sang karaoke too loud, which kept me awake all night. We ended up talking to each other the next day, and he never sang karaoke at midnight from then on.

Does he usually help you?

Yes, he does. He usually helps me run errands.

Would you be sad if he moves to another area?

Yes, of course. That will upset me if he leaves.

What’s the difference between friends and neighbors?

I’m not quite sure, but I think the difference may lie in the relationship. A friend can be someone you share your feelings with, while a neighbor can just be someone living next door.

What do you need to be a good neighbor?

Being respectful is the most important factor in building a good relationship.

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