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At Home (1)

Scott: Where is Jane?

Patricia: She is in the living room.

Scott: What is she doing?

Patricia: She is playing the piano.

Scott: Where is the car?

Patricia: It is in the garage.

Scott: Where is the dog?

Patricia: The dog is in front of the door.

Scott: What is the dog doing?

Patricia: The dog is eating.

At Home (2)

Husband: Where are you?

Wife: I am in the kitchen.

Husband: What are you doing?

Wife: I am cooking dinner.

Husband: Where are Bill and Mary?

Wife: They are in the living room.

Husband: What are they doing?

Wife: They are watching TV.

Husband: Where is the cat?

Wife: She is in the dining room.

Husband: What is she doing?

Wife: She is sleeping.

My Favorite Photographs (1)

Susan: Who is she?

Roger: She is my sister.

Susan: What’s her name?

Roger: Her name is Jennifer.

Susan: Where is she in this photograph?

Roger: She’s in Toronto.

Susan: What is that building behind her?

Roger: She’s standing in front of the CN Tower. 

Location (1)

Edward: Where is the school?

Diana: It’s between the library and the park.

Edward: Where is the post office?

Diana: It’s across from the movie theater.

Edward: Where is the royal bank?

Diana: It’s next to the supermarket.

Edward: Where is the gas station.

Diana: It’s around the corner from the church.

Edward: Where is the barbershop?

Diana: It’s near the bus station.

Location (2)

Scott: Excuse me? Can you tell me the way to the nearest bank?

Ann: Yes, it’s on Geneva Street. As a matter of fact, I am going that way myself. So if you come with me, I will show you.

Scott: Thanks very much.

Ann: You are welcome.

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