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How About a Drink?

Chris: How about a drink, tonight?

Loretta: I’d love to.

Chris: Where can we meet?

Loretta: How about the Relax Bar?

Chris: All right. What time?

Loretta: Is eight o’clock OK?

Chris: Yes that’s fine.

Loretta: I will meet you there; I’m really looking forward to it!

Chris: Me too!

I Have a Sore Throat

Matt: You sound terrible.

Judy: I have a sore throat.

Matt: You should rest your voice.

Judy: I know. It hurts when I talk.

Matt: What are you taking for your throat?

Judy: Hot tea and honey.

Matt: That should help. Are you going to work today?

Judy: No, I’m staying home.

Matt: Good idea.

Judy: I’ll feel better tomorrow.

Matt: I hope so.

On Sale

Emily: Do you like my new coat?

Scott: It looks terrific!

Emily: I’m glad you like it.

Scott: How much was it?

Emily: Eighty dollars.

Scott: That’s a good price.

Emily: Yeah, it was on sale.

Scott: Where did you get it?

Emily: At Sears.

Scott: I like to shop there, too; they always have really good sales!

Emily: Maybe you should go there today, you the have a sale on shirts if you’re interested.

Scott: Good idea! I need some.

Not a Cloud in the Sky

Eddie: What a beautiful day!

Rita: Yes, there’s not a cloud in the sky.

Eddie: What’s the temperature?

Rita: It’s seventy degrees.

Eddie: I love October.

Rita: Me too. It’s not too hot and not too cold.

Eddie: Fall is my favourite season.

Rita: Mine, too.

Eddie: The weather is almost perfect.

Rita: And the leaves are very pretty when they change colours.

Cold and Windy

Eileen: Is it cold out?

Nelson: Yes, it’s cold and windy!

Eileen: I’m going to wear my heavy coat.

Nelson: Good idea! Where are you going?

Eileen: To the post office.

Nelson: Why?

Eileen: To mail this package.

Nelson: Would you buy some stamps for me?

Eileen: Sure. How many do you want?

Nelson: Ten. Here’s the money for the stamps.

Eileen: Okay. I’ll be back in twenty minutes, unless I get blown away!

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