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What’s A Grant?

Ted: My daughter is going to college.

Keith: That’s great, but it must be expensive.

Ted: Yes, but she has a grant.

Keith: A grant? What’s a grant?

Ted: The government is giving her money.

Keith: To pay for her education?

Ted: That’s right.

Keith: Does it pay for everything?

Ted: No, she has a loan, too.

Keith: What’s the difference between a loan and a grant?

Ted: You have to pay back a loan; a grant is a gift.

I’m Busy On Friday

John: Would you like to go to a pop concert?

Chris: Well, I’d like to… but when is it?

John: On Friday evening.

Chris: What a pity! I’m busy on Friday.

John: Maybe you could change your plans? It’s going to be a really great concert.

Chris: Maybe I will, I wouldn’t want to miss it.

John: Great, I’ll see you Friday!

Bless You

Wild: Ah-choo!

Smith: God bless you!

Wild: Thank you.

Smith: Do you have a cold?

Wild: Yes, that’s why I’m sneezing so much.

Smith: I hope you feel better soon.

Wild: I get a bad cold every winter.

Smith: Are you taking anything for your cold?

Wild: I’m taking Contac.

Smith: Does it help?

Wild: Yes, but it makes me sleepy.

Smith: You’d better not drive then!

I Don’t Feel Well

Phil: What are you looking for?

Donald: My jacket. I’m going to the doctor.

Phil: Why? What’s the problem?

Donald: I’m not sure, but I don’t feel well.

Phil: Do you have a fever?

Donald: No, but I have a pain in my chest.

Phil: What time is your appointment?

Donald: Eleven-thirty. I’m going now. Bye.

Phil: Good-bye. I hope it’s nothing serious.

Donald: Thanks. See you.

Can You Help Me?

Ron: Can you help me, officer?

Steve: I’ll try. What’s the problem?

Ron: I can’t get into my car.

Steve: Where are your keys?

Ron: They’re in the car.

Steve: Don’t worry. I can open it.

Ron: How can you do that?

Steve: With a coat hanger. It’s easy.

Ron: Where can we get a coat hanger?

Steve: There’s one in the police car. Wait here.

Ron: Thanks a lot! You’re very kind.

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