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When’s the Baby Due?

Sharon: I have some good news.

Mel: What is it?

Sharon: Lisa is going to have a baby.

Mel: That’s great! I’m so happy for her.

Sharon: Me too!

Mel: Do they want a boy or a girl?

Sharon: A girl.

Mel: When’s the baby due?

Sharon: In the beginning of September.

Mel: I’m going to phone Lisa tonight.

Sharon: That’s nice. Say hello for me.

Bus Stop

Barbara: Jean!

Jean: Barbara! Do you work around here?

Barbara: Yes, I work in that building across the street.

Jean: Really? What do you do?

Barbara: I work in a law office, I’m a secretary.

Jean: Oh, that’s interesting.

Barbara: What about you? What do you do?

Jean: I work at Duru Restaurant.

Barbara: Oh…are you a cook?

Jean: No, I’m a waitress.

Barbara: That’s a really hard job; I don’t envy you.

Jean: Me neither!

(In the bus)

Barbara: Do you live alone, Jean?

Jean: No, I don’t. I live with my family. How about you?

Barbara: I’m married now. I got married last year.

Jean: Really? Congratulations!

Jean: Whom did you marry?

Barbara: His name’s Jeff Hunt. He lives in my building.

Jean: Oh, what does he do?

Barbara: He’s a doctor.

Jean: How wonderful, I’m very happy for you!


Constance: Your garden is really lovely.

Gwen: Thank you. I enjoy working in the garden.

Constance: Do you do everything yourself?

Gwen: I trim the bushes and weed the flowerbeds myself.

Constance: Who cuts the grass?

Gwen: Oh, it’s so big that I hire one of the boys in the neighbourhood to do it for me.

Constance: Well, I must say he does a good job.

Gwen: Yes. His work is more than satisfactory.

A Lazy Boy

Sheila: I’m very angry with my son, Harry.

Connie: Why? What’s the problem?

Sheila: He’s not doing well in school.

Connie: That’s a surprise. Harry is a smart boy.

Sheila: Yes, but he never studies.

Connie: Did you talk to his teachers?

Sheila: Yes, I did.

Connie: What did they say?

Sheila: He’s a nice boy, but he’s very lazy.

Connie: Maybe they’re right.

Sheila: I’m afraid so.

Connie: Have you thought about getting him a tutor?

Sheila: Maybe that’s a good idea; I really want him to excel.

Connie: Let’s go look in the phone book now then.

Can I Drive There?

Maggie: What time is it?

Fran: It’s three o’clock.

Maggie: Oh no, I’m late.

Fran: Where are you going?

Maggie: To the dentist.

Fran: Can I drive you there?

Maggie: Sure! That will help.

Fran: Do you have a toothache?

Maggie: Yes, and it’s very bad.

Fran: I’m sorry to hear that.

Maggie: I’ve had it for weeks, and this is the first time that I could get in. My dentist is always so busy!

Fran: I guess that’s a good thing! It means a lot of people like him.

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