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A New Dress

Kay: Who is it?

Pamela: It’s me, dear.

Kay: Don’t you have your key?

Pamela: No, let me in! (Lets her in)

Kay: What’s in that box? What did you get?

Pamela: A new dress, honey.

Kay: But you have a closet full of dresses.

Pamela: I know, but I need a new one.

Kay: What’s wrong with all the other dresses?

Pamela: They’re not this one!

A Picnic

Louise: Let’s go for a picnic.

Esther: That’s a great idea! Where shall we go?

Louise: Let’s go to the park.

Esther: How far is it?

Louise: About a mile.

Esther: Is it a nice place?

Louise: Sure. It has picnic tables and a beautiful lake.

Esther: Good. I’ll make some sandwiches.

Louise: I’ll bring soda and cookies.

Esther: The kids will love it.

I’m Going Skiing

Laura: We’ve got ten inches of snow.

Stacy: Wow! That’s terrific!

Laura: What’s so terrific about it?

Stacy: I’m going skiing.

Laura: Skiing? Are you serious?

Stacy: Yes. It’s a lot of fun.

Laura: Maybe, but it’s also dangerous.

Stacy: You need to live on the edge!

Laura: And you need to make sure you don’t fall off it!

Traffic Rules (1)

Kay: Sara! You can’t park here! It’s a bus stop.

Sara: Oh, we’ll be back in a few minutes. It’s OK.

Kay: Oh, no, it isn’t. You’ll get a parking ticket if you leave it here.

Sara: No, I won’t. It’s half past five. All the traffic wardens have gone home.

Kay: Sara!

Sara: Yes?

Warden: Is this your car, ma’am?


Wendy: Whew! I’m really tired and now I have to go home and cook.

Sue: Do you make dinner every night?

Wendy: Yes, I usually make dinner, and my husband washes the dishes.

Sue: I live alone, so I do everything. Sometimes I eat out, though. There are some good restaurants in my neighbourhood.

Wendy: Where do you live?

Sue: Near the Pen Centre.

Wendy: That’s good. There aren’t any good restaurants near my house.

Sue: Does your husband help you do housework much?

Wendy: Umm…yes. He sets the table almost every night, and he makes our bed every morning. But I usually make all the meals.

Sue: How about cleaning?

Wendy: We clean the house together every weekend. I vacuum the rooms, and he usually sweeps the floor of the kitchen, and he does yard work.

Sue: Your husband helps you so much. Does he help do the laundry too?

Wendy: Well, he’s never helped me do the laundry.

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