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Oral Exams

Mary: Hey, Cindy! Have you finished the exam?

Cindy: Yes, I have. Whew!

Mary: Was it hard?

Cindy: Well, yes. It was hard–pretty hard.

Mary: Did you pass?

Cindy: I don’t know. Mrs. Lester didn’t tell me.

Mary: What questions did she ask?

Cindy: First she asked me what my name was.

Mary: That was easy, wasn’t it?

Cindy: Yes, except I couldn’t remember! Then she asked me where I came from, and how long it took to get here from my country.

Mary: And what else did she ask?

Cindy: She asked how long I’d been studying English here in Canada, and she asked how I would use English in the future.

Mary: Yes, yes, go on.

Cindy: Then she asked me to explain the difference between my country and Canada.

Mary: Anything else?

Cindy: I’m trying to remember. Oh, yes! She asked if I spoke any other language.

Mary: Is that all?

Cindy: Oh, there were a lot of other questions. She asked me what my hobbies were,

where I visited in Canada. Then I was asked to read a passage.

Mary: What did she say at the end?

Cindy: Hmm. Let’s see… Oh, Yes! She asked me to tell you to go in–right away.

Would You Call Me?

Angela: Well, see you tomorrow.

Vicky: I’d better go, too. Oh, would you do me a favour?

Angela: Sure.

Vicky: Would you call me tomorrow at six o’clock in the morning? Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday. I want to get her a new robe, and I have to pick up the dry cleaning, and pick up the cake from the bakery. Anyway, I have lots of things to do. But I’m not sure I can get up early.

Angela: Do you need a hand?

Vicky: Oh, can you? That would be great; can you go to the mall and buy her a new robe, pick up the dry cleaning, and get the cake from the bakery?

Angela: And what will you be doing?

Vicky: Sleeping in of course!

Can I Let You Know?

Margaret: Are you going out with Leonard tonight?

Frances: Uh-huh. He’s supposed to pick me up at six thirty. What time is it now?

Margaret: Quarter to six. You’d better get going.

Frances: You’re kidding. I haven’t even taken a shower.

Margaret: Where are you going?

Frances: We haven’t made up our minds yet. Maybe to a movie, maybe to a party.

Margaret: Go and see Forrest Gump. It’s supposed to be interesting.

Frances: Oh, maybe we will. I’ve heard The Sixth Sense is good, too.

Margaret: Well, personally I prefer Forrest Gump. I really should be going. Do you want to go shopping tomorrow?

Frances: I’d like to go, but it depends. I might have to go to the store tomorrow and do some work. Can I let you know first thing in the morning?

Margaret: OK, that would be all right. (Rrring, rrring)

Frances: Oh, there’s the phone. It must be Leonard.

Margaret: Well, I’ll be going. Call me up tomorrow.

Frances: I will. Have a good evening.

Margaret: You too.

On the Phone – A Less Formal Call

Miss Wallace: Good afternoon, Scott and Smith. May I help you?

George: May I speak to Mr. Scott or Mr. Smith, please?

Miss Wallace: I’m sorry, they aren’t here right now. Who’s calling, please?

George: George Martin.

Miss Wallace: Is there any message I can take, Mr. Martin?

George: No, I’ll call back later.

Miss Wallace: Thank you for calling Scott and Smith.

A Cup of Coffee

Bill: Can I get you something to drink?

Robin: A cup of coffee, please.

Bill: With milk and sugar?

Robin: A little milk, but no sugar.

Bill: I never drink coffee at night.

Robin: Why not?

Bill: It keeps me awake.

Robin: What do you drink with supper?

Bill: Tea, it helps me relax.

Robin: I don’t like tea.

Bill: There are so many kinds of tea; maybe you should shop around and try to find one you like because coffee is so bad for you.

Robin: That’s a good idea.

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