Improve your ability to speak English

What sport do you like?

I like playing badminton.

Is it easy to play that sport?

Yes, it’s pretty easy to play.

Is that sport popular in your country?

Yes, it is.

How long have you been practicing that sport?

I have been practicing it for 5 years.

Who do you play sports with?

I play badminton with my friends, sometimes with my brother.

How often do you play that sport?

I play badminton every weekend.

What benefits can you get from that sport?

It helps strengthen my muscles because while playing, I have to move continuously. It is good to burn calories as well.

Do you like watching football? Online or offline?

Yes, I do.

I prefer watching football offline and online. Going to the stadium, shouting and cheering are good to release stress.

What is your favorite football team?

I like the Manchester United Football Club, also known as “The Red Devils”.

Why is sport important?

Sports are sources of recreation. People can learn how to encourage team spirit when they play sports, too.

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