Exercise 1

A. Listen and match pictures a—c with the names in the box.

Katia  –  Yuri  –  Carlo

B. Listen again. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

is (x2)  –  it  –  it’s  –  isn’t (x2)

Conversation 1

A   Is (1)………… a big city?

B   No, no. It (2)………… a city.

Conversation 2

A   (3)………… a big city.

B   Yes, it (4)………… .

Conversation 3

A   (5)………… it a city?

B   No, it (6)………… .

Answer & Audioscript


a Katia   b Yuri   c Carlo


1 it   2 isn’t   3 It’s   4 is   5 Is   6 isn’t


Conversation 1

A   Carlo, where are you from?

CARLO   I’m from Ravello, in Italy.

A   Ravello? Is it a big city?

C   No, no. It isn’t a city. It’s a small village near Naples.

Conversation 2

A   Where are you from, Katia?

KATIA   I’m from Santiago.

 Santiago? In Chile?


 It’s a big city.

 Yes, it is. It’s a very big city.

Conversation 3

A   Yuri, where are you from?

YURI   I’m from Vyborg, in Russia.

A   Is it a city?

 No, it isn’t. It’s a big town. It’s near St Petersburg.

Exercise 2

A. Listen and complete the sentences.

1   Giovanna’s from Ravello in Italy. ……………… a village near Naples.

2   Yulia’s from Vyborg. ……………… Russian.

3   Ricardo’s Spanish. ……………… from Madrid.

4   Akiro’s from Sōka in Japan. ……………… a small city near Tokyo.

5   Selim’s from Bursa in Turkey. ……………… a big city near Istanbul.

Answer & Audioscript

1 It’s   2 She’s   3 He’s   4 It’s   5 It’s

Exercise 3

A. Listen to the conversation with John Munroe. Tick (✓) the words you hear.









Answer & Audioscript

computers, phones, watches, umbrellas, bottles, knives


A   What things are OK at an airport?

JOHN   Most things are fine. Computers are fine, and phones, and watches of course, all no problem.

A   What about umbrellas?

 Yes, they’re fine.

A   So, what’s not OK?

 Well, bottles of water, they’re not OK.

A   And, of course, no knives?

 Er, no!

Exercise 4

A. Look at the X-ray picture and complete the conversation. Listen and check.

A   What’s in your bag?

 Mm, I have a (1) b_____, and my (2) k_____s, and an (3) u_____.

A   Do you have a (4) p_____?

 Yes. Oh, and a (5) b_____ of w_____. Sorry!

Answer & Audioscript

1 book   2 keys   3 umbrella   4 phone   5 bottle; water

Exercise 5

A. Listen to Part 1. Answer the questions.

 Who asks questions, Sophia or the woman?

 What kind of home does Sophia need, a flat or a house?

B. Listen to Part 1 again. Tick (✓) the correct answer.

1   Sophia’s surname:

      a   Tailor

      b   Taylor

2   Her address in London:

      a   Alpha Hotel

      b   Alfa Hotel

3   Her phone number:

      a   07832 674893

      b   07832 647893

Answer & Audioscript


1 the woman   2 a flat


1 b   2 a   3 b


RACHEL   Good morning.

SOPHIA   Good morning.

R   Can I help you?

 Well … yes … I need a flat near here.

R   OK – sure – we can help! Please sit down. OK, so … a flat just for you?

 Yes, just me.

R   One bedroom?

 One bedroom is fine, yes.

R   One or two questions if that’s OK?

 Of course.

R   What’s your name?

 Sophia Taylor.

R   OK. That’s Sophia … S-O-F-I-A?

 No. S-O-P-H-I-A.

R   Ah yes, sorry. Sophia – er Taylor. How do you spell that?


 T-A-Y-L-O-R. And what’s your address? Do you have an address in London?

 Well yes, but it’s a hotel.


 It’s the Alpha Hotel, A-L-P-H-A.

 Alpha Hotel. Right. And what’s your phone number, please?

 Well, it’s my mobile number. It’s 07832 647893.

 07832 67489 …

 No, sorry, it’s 647893.


 That’s right.

R   OK, thanks. Well now … we have two nice flats in this part of London. This one. It’s an old flat. Very big rooms.


 And this one. It’s quite big, and it’s a really nice flat.

 Oh, yes. That is nice.

 It’s near here. We can go there now.

 OK, great!

C. Listen to Part 2. What does Sophia think? Tick (✓) the correct sentence.

 The flat’s really nice.

 The flat isn’t very nice.

D. Listen to Part 2 again. Tick (✓) the correct information about the flat.

1   small


2   good for one person

      good for two people

3   near a supermarket

      near a park   

Answer & Audioscript


 The flat’s really nice.


1 big   2 good for one person   3 near a park


RACHEL   So, this is it. One bedroom. And a kitchen, of course. And it’s quite big!

SOPHIA   Yes, it is. It’s beautiful.

R   Yes, it’s a very good flat for one person … It’s a nice street. And near a park.

 Oh, good.

R   Take a look.


 OK, thank you. It’s a good flat – it’s great. I like it. I really like it.

R   OK, great!

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