Exercise 1

A. Read and listen to Liz talk about the people on her winter holiday. Complete 1—6 with the words in the box.

American  –  Alexander  –  Penny  –  Russian  –  Mexican  –  Anna

LIZ   This is (1)…………. .

MARK   Is she Spanish?

LIZ   No, she isn’t Spanish. She’s (2)…………. .

MARK   OK. And who’s this?

LIZ   This is (3)…………. .

MARK   Is he Brazilian?

LIZ   No, he isn’t Brazilian. He’s (4)…………. .

MARK   Oh, really.

LIZ   And these are my friends, (5)………….and Simon. They’re married.

MARK   Are they English?

LIZ   No, they aren’t English. They’re (6)…………. – from New York.

Answer & Audioscript

1 Anna   2 Mexican   3 Alexander   4 Russian

5 Penny   6 American

Exercise 2

A. Listen to Part 1. Is she in a new place?

B. Listen to Part 1 again. Complete the sentences with words in the box.

Hi  –  Good morning

RECEPTIONIST   ………., Electric Blue Technology.

SOPHIA   ………., my name’s Sophia Taylor. It’s my first day.

Answer & Audioscript


Yes, she is.


Good morning, Electric Blue Technology.

Hi, my name’s Sophia Taylor. It’s my first day.


RECEPTIONIST   Good morning, Electric Blue Technology?

SOPHIA   Hi, my name’s Sophia Taylor. It’s my first day …

R   Sophia? Sophia Taylor? From Canada?

S   Yes, that’s right.

R   Come on in!

C. Listen to Part 2. Sophia meets the manager of Electric Blue Technology. What’s his name?

Daniel    Darren    David

Answer & Audioscript



DAVID   Is this Sophia?


SOPHIA   Good morning!

D   Welcome, Sophia. I’m David.

 Nice to meet you, David.

D   Nice to meet you, too. How are you?

 I’m good, thank you. And you?

D   I’m fine, thanks. OK, well, come with me, please.


D. Listen to Part 3. Are Sophia and Megan friends?

E. Listen to Part 3 again. Underline the correct answer.

1   MEGAN   Nice to meet / see you too, Sophie.

2   DAVID   So, this is your home / office.

3   MEGAN   OK. So, … this is your desk / chair.

Answer & Audioscript


No, they aren’t.


1 meet   2 office   3 desk


DAVID   Hi, Megan – Sophia’s here.

MEGAN   Oh. Already? Great!

D   Sophia, this is Megan Jackson.

SOPHIA   Nice to meet you, Megan.

M   Nice to meet you too, Sophie.

 Mm, Sophia. My name’s Sophia, not Sophie.

M   Oh! Yes, yes, of course. I’m sorry. Sophia.

 That’s OK!

M   Nice to meet you, Sophia!

D   So, this is your office. Your home for the next year.

M   It’s not home, David!

D   No, OK. Well, you’re in here with Megan, and she can help you with …

M   Everything!

 Thank you, Megan. That’s great.

D   Sorry, but I need to …

M   Oh, yes, of course.

D   See you later, Sophia.

 Sure. Thank you, David.

D   Bye!

M   OK, so … This is your desk.

 Oh, right. Good!

M   So, welcome to your new office, welcome to Electric Blue Technology, and welcome to the UK!

 Thank you, Megan! Thank you very much!

Exercise 3

A. Complete the conversation. Listen and check.


AMIRA   Good evening.

KARL   Hello.

LARISSA   I’m Larissa and this (1)………… Amira.

KARL   Nice to meet you. I’m Karl.

AMIRA   Nice to (2)………… you too. How are you?

KARL   I’m good. And (3)…………?

AMIRA   I’m fine.

LARISSA   I’m (4)………… too.

Answer & Audioscript

1 is   2 meet   3 you   4 fine

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