Exercise 1

A. Listen to Tom and Miriam. Who lives in Auckland but works in Wellington?

B. Listen again. Underline the correct answers.

1   Miriam is Brazilian / a New Zealander.

2   Her home’s in Brazil / New Zealand.

3   Her job is / isn’t near her home.

4   She is / isn’t married.

5   Miriam and Bernardo speak English / Portuguese together.

Answer & Audioscript




1 Brazilian   2 New Zealand   3 isn’t   4 is   5 Portuguese


TOM   Where are you from, Miriam?

MIRIAM   I’m from Brazil – Rio de Janeiro, but I live here in New Zealand now.

 Where do you live?

M   I live in Auckland – it’s really nice there.

 And where do you work?

M   I work in Wellington.

 Wellington?! But that’s so far away.

M   Yes, I go to work three days a week – I fly.

 Do you work at home?

M   Yes, I work two days at home.

 Are you married?

M   Yes, my husband’s name is Bernardo.

 Is he Brazilian?

M   Yes, he is.

 Ah, OK. Do you speak English or Portuguese at home?

M   We speak Portuguese, of course!

Exercise 2

A. Put the words in the correct order to make questions. Listen and check.

 you work / do / in an office ?

 do / where / you work ?

 where / you live / do ?

 university / study at / do you ?

 do / speaking Spanish / you ?

Answer & Audioscript

 Do you work in an office?

 Where do you work?

 Where do you live?

 Do you study at university?

 Do you speak Spanish?

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Part 1. Answer the questions.

1   Is Sophia happy or sad?

2   Why does she feel happy / sad?

Answer & Audioscript

1   sad

2   Because her family is in Canada and she’s in London.


MEGAN   Good morning!

SOPHIA   Hi there.

M   So … how’s the new flat?

 Oh, it’s great. I really like it. You must come and see it.

M   I’d love to … Are you OK, Sophia?

 Well, yes and no … It’s an email from my sister.

M   In Canada?

 That’s right.

M   Is she OK?

 Oh, she’s fine. It’s just …

M   … she’s in Canada.

 And my parents, and my brother.

M   And you’re here in London.

 It’s difficult.

B. Listen to Part 2. Answer the questions.

1   How many people does Sophia talk about?

2   How many people does Megan talk about?

C. Complete the information about Sophia and Megan’s families with the words in the box. Then listen to Part 2 again and check your answers.

sister  –  cousin  –  teacher  –  hotel  –  computers  –  supermarket

Sophia’s mother’s a (1)………… and her father’s the manager of a (2)………… . She has a (3)…………, Jackie. Jackie has two girls, Kylie and Amanda.

Megan has a brother, Mike. He works with (4)………… and is married to Helen. She’s the manager of a (5)………… . Megan also has a (6)…………, James.

Answer & Audioscript


1   five (her mother, her father, her sister, her sister’s two girls)

2   three (her brother, her brother’s wife, her cousin)


1 teacher   2 supermarket   3 sister

4 computers   5 hotel   6 cousin


MEGAN   Yeah … Do you have photos of your family?

SOPHIA   Yes. Yes, I do.

M   Ooh, can I see them?

S   Sure … OK. This is my mother. She’s a teacher.

M   Oh, yes. Nice picture!

S   And this one, this is my father.

M   Oh, right. Is he a teacher too?

S   No, he’s a manager. He works for a big supermarket.

M   And who’s this?

S   This is my sister, Jackie. And her two girls.

M   Oh, they’re beautiful. How old are they?

S   This is Kylie, she’s ten, and this is Amanda, she’s eight.

M   Oh. They’re lovely.

S   Yes, they are … So, what about you? Do you have photos?

M   Yes, I do! Just a minute … Ah, here we are. So … this is Mike.

S   Oh right. Who’s Mike? … Is he your … husband?

M   No, I’m not married! He’s my brother.

S   Oh! He looks nice.

M   He is. He lives in Scotland.

 What’s his job?

M   He works with computers.


M   And this is Helen, his wife. She works in a hotel. She’s a manager.

 Ah. Nice photo.

M   And this is James. He’s my cousin. He’s really great!

 Oh, yes.

M   James lives near you. Maybe we can go and see him?

 Yes … I’d like that. Thank you, Megan.

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