1. Look at the sentences. Which word (job or work) is countable? Which is uncountable?

1   I’ve got a really interesting job.

2   I’m looking for work at the moment.


1 countable   2 uncountable

2. Match the uses of work and job (1-4) with the meanings (a-d).

1 ……   90% of gardeners feel their work is important and useful.

2 ……   We spend most of our time at work.

3 ……   I’ve got a lot of jobs to do at home this weekend.

4 ……   I enjoy my course, but it’s hard work.

a   when you use lots of energy to do something

b   the activity or activities you do for your job

c   activities you have to do, often without getting money

d   the place where you work


1 b   2 d   3 c   4 a

3. Match sentences (1-3) with replies (a-c).

1 ……   Why isn’t my email working on this computer?

2 ……   Is the medicine from the doctor working?

3 ……   I can’t work this out. Do you know the answer?

a   No, it’s a very difficult question.

b   I don’t know. Maybe there’s a problem with the Internet.

c   Definitely. I feel much better.


1 b   2 c   3 a

4. Complete the sentences with work or job.

1   I’m painting my apartment at the moment. It’s a lot of hard ………… .

2   I’m starting a new ………… soon.

3   My mobile doesn’t ………… when I’m inside this building.

4   I’ve got an important ………… to do at home this weekend.

5   I leave ………… early on Fridays.

6   The education system in my country doesn’t ………… well.

7   I know a lot of people who are trying to find ………… .

8   I can’t ………… out how to download this application form.


1 work   2 job   3 work   4 job

5 work   6 work   7 work   8 work

5. Complete these sentences with your own ideas.

1   I can’t work out …

2   I would like to get a job …

3   Two jobs I need to do this week are …

4   … makes me happy at work.

5   I need do some hard work …

6   … doesn’t work very well.


Students’ own answers.

6. Underline the correct words to complete the sentences.

1   My GPS doesn’t work / job very well when I drive through the mountains.

2   I’ve found a really good job / work in the local newspaper.

3   No, I can’t go to the cinema. I’ve got to stay late at job / work.

4   My headache’s a bit better, so I think that aspirin’s beginning to work / job.

5   What time do you start job / work in the mornings?

6   He’s got to work / job all weekend on that report.

7   I’m studying for my final exams – it’s really hard job / work.

8   My dad’s got a lot of small jobs / works to do in the garden.

9   My dad can’t work / job out how to use the camera on his new phone.


2 job   3 work   4 work   5 work   6 work   7 work   8 jobs   9 work

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